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How to Contact Us

[last updated 27 Jan 2007]

Please read this introduction before using the contact information lower down on this page.

Who Can We Help?

We are here to assist people who have good reason to believe they, or a family member has AIS or a closely related biological intersex condition. We welcome contributions to our Personal Stories page, even if you are not seeking information/support or joining the group.

We are a peer support organisation run by just a few volunteers in their spare time (and currrently with no funding other than modest annual registration fees and literature income). We regret we cannot supply information to people with other gender-related issues or to students doing school/college projects. Please do not email us any large files/attachments unless agreed upon beforehand.

Joining a Group

This website is just the start. Some national groups (generally those with sufficient resources to hold group meetings) operate an annual membership/registration scheme within their country, although some groups are too small to do this at present. Enquirers are welcome to register as members of the UK group and/or order literature from us, even if they are outside the UK. We have a number of overseas members, some of whom attend UK group meetings.

Membership of the UK group entitles you to:

To join the UK group (and/or order literature, including back issues of ALIAS) please return the form/s contained in our Basic Info Document (please ask if you need a Word version). Before we can put you in touch with other group members you must register with (join) the group, in order to safeguard everyone against non-genuine enquirers.

Email Discussion Circles

Some of the support groups below have set up private email discussion circles for affected adult women, and for parents. Once you have registered to join one of the support groups you can then ask about the email circles. There is a North American email circle (run by the members of AISSG-USA and AISSG-Canada) and a UK/European email circle (run by members of the UK group). Unlike some online discussion circles/groups, ours are not 'open house' on the Internet available to any member of the general public who wants to sign up. All participants in our circles are people who have provided their basic details (name, address, phone, diagnosis if known - all kept confidential) by registering with one of the support groups (and many have attended group meetings); so that we have confidence that participants are genuine.

A Note about Diagnoses

Although this web site and our literature provide medical information we cannot help people to diagnose themselves. That is the role of specialist clinicians. Most of the information pages of this site were written by a group member who has a higher degree in Human Physiology and has worked in medical research but who is not medically qualified. We do not have qualified doctors within our group (although we work closely with selected clinicians to help advance the clinical service they can offer through the usual medical channels).

National Contact Details

Please note: We cannot deal with patient/parent enquiries unless you make it clear which country you are in. Journalists, magazine editors, TV film makers: please read our Media Guidelines (PDF) before contacting the UK group. (You need to have a PDF Reader on your PC in order to access PDF files - see About this Site page for info about this.)

Country or Geographical Area
(in order of date started)

Contact Details
(use symbols for 'AT' and 'DOT' in email addresses)

UK (and Eastern Europe and Asia)
[but see lower down for India]
(UK group started 1988 by mother of CAIS infant)

PO Box address available on request
email: uk AT aissg DOT org

Please publish only our web address (not our email address). Thank you.

Basic Info Document
(Please ask if you need Word version)

USA and South America
(USA group started 1995 by CAIS 36 year-old after attending April 1995 UK meeting)
Información en Español

PO Box 2148
Duncan, OK 73534-2148
email: aissgusa AT hotmail DOT com

(East Coast Canadian group started 1996 by CAIS 43 year-old after attending Sept 1996 USA meeting.
West Coast group started in 2001.)

Information en Français

AISSG Canada

#206, 115 The Esplanade
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1Y7
email: sallie AT ican DOT net (English)
email: orchideequebec AT yahoo DOT ca (French)

#17, 3031 Williams Road
Richmond, B.C.
V7E 1H9
email: lesnick AT shaw DOT ca

(Australian group started 1996 by Swyers 50 year-old after attending Sept 1996 UK meeting)

AISSG Australia
P.O. Box 1089, Altona Meadows
Victoria, Australia 3028
Tel/Fax: +61 3 9315 8809
email: aissg AT iprimus DOT com DOT au

(German group started 1996 by PAIS 38 year-old after attending Sept 1995 and Sept 1996 UK meetings)
Informationen in Deutsch

AIS-Kontaktgruppe/XY Frauen Deutschland
Stichwort AIS
Fuhlsbütteler Str. 401
22309 Hamburg
Tel: (040) 63 11 11 0
Fax: (040) 63 97 34 28
email: info AT xy-frauen DOT de

(French-speaking support started 1998 by CAIS 44 year-old after attending March 1998 and Sept 1998 UK  meetings. German-speaking group started 2001 by mother of intersexed child after attending Sept 2000 UK meeting)
Information en Français
Informationen in Deutsch
Informazioni in Italiano

AISSG Switzerland

4 Rue de Couchant
1248 Hermance, Geneva

Selbsthilfegruppe für Intersexualität
CH - 4002 Basel
email: xy-frauen AT bluewin DOT ch

South Africa
(Started 1998 by mother of CAIS 3 year-old after attending Sept 1998 UK meeting)

AISSG South Africa
PO Box 760,
Constantia 7848, Cape Town
email: saais AT iafrica DOT com

Spain and Portugal
(Started 2000 by CAIS 27 year-old after attending Oct 1999 UK meeting)
Información en Español

GrApSIA Asociación Spain
Apdo. 1338
36200 Vigo (Pontevedra)
Tel: (+34) 654 987 482
email: grapsia AT jazzfree DOT com

(Started 2000 by CAIS 25 year-old after attending March 2000 and Sept 2000 UK meetings)
Information en Français

AISSG France
email: gssia AT wanadoo DOT fr

The Netherlands
(Started 2000 by 31 year-old after attending Sept 2000 UK meeting; together with a parent couple and child psychologist without AISSG connections)
Informatie in het Nederlands

AISNederland Holland
email: reactie AT aisnederland DOT nl

(Started 2000 by CAIS 32 year-old after attending Sept 2000 UK meeting)
Informazioni in Italiano
Information en Français
Informationen in Deutsch

AISIA (Associazione Italiana
Sindrome Insensibilità Androgeni) Italia
email: info AT sindromedimorris DOT org (adulti)
email: genitori AT sindromedimorris DOT org (genitori)

Greece and Cyprus
(Started 2000 by PAIS 26 year-old after attending Sept 2000 UK meeting)

AISSG Greece
email (1): aisorchidees AT yahoo DOT de
email (2): aishellas AT  yahoo DOT gr

(Started 2000 by mother of CAIS 10 year-old after attending Sept 2000 UK meeting)

AISSG Norway
Boks 539
2301 Hamar, Norway
email: post AT nfga DOT net

(Started 2001 by CAIS 33 year-old after attending March 2001 UK meeting)
Information på Svenska

AISSG Sweden
email: martin DOT ritzen AT kbh DOT ki DOT se

(Started 2002 by CAIS  22 year-old after being in touch with the UK group)

AISSG Finland
email: terhiviikki AT hotmail DOT com

(Started 2002 by mother of CAIS 20 year-old after being an AISSG UK member since 1999)

AISSG Iceland
email: kretamaria AT hotmail DOT com

(Started 2002 by 26 year-old  and a mother of AIS 7 year-old after being in touch with the UK group)

email: neeti0 AT lycos DOT com (adults)
email: vidya_28 AT hotmail DOT com (parents)

New Zealand
(Started 2002 by father of AIS baby after being in touch with UK group)

AISSG New Zealand
email: aisnz AT paradise DOT net DOT nz

(Started 2003 by PAIS 30 year-old after being in touch with UK group)

AISSG Israel
email: israelorchid AT hotmail DOT com
phone: 972-4-833-1357 (voice mail)

(Started 2004 by PAIS 39 year-old)

AISSG Denmark
email: laila2 AT jubiimail DOT dk

(Started 2006 by PAIS 30 year-old after attending April 2006 UK meeting)
Informacje po Polsku

AISSG Poland
email: aissgpl AT yahoo DOT pl

(Started early 2007 by 27 year-old after being in touch with UK group)

Myanmar Intersex Support Group Burma
email: kiminn001 AT gmail DOT com

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