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Journals about Allergies

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by Jsorrow39, Sep 02, 2015
I know my last entry mentioned my clogged nose. I just wanted to make a new entry because I...
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by Curly03, Aug 17, 2015 - 8 Comments
Im not sure where to write this but I just need to vent. This is hard for me to sit here an...
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by purplellamas, May 30, 2015
I’m a 14 year old girl and I’m sure I have some eating disorder because most times no food ...
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by germex2000, May 15, 2015
After using my swingset in shorts, I got painful rashes that are raised and burn. They only...
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by donjoe341, Oct 10, 2014 - 4 Comments
I am 48 at 165lbs. (lost 20) 5 '4'' I have had a long journey battling illnes...
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by emmabai90, Aug 22, 2014
Thought i would start a journal on here, i don't know what has been wrong with me for s...
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by inneedofhelp1980, Jun 28, 2013
I have been living in Florida for over 3 years now and I come from a very dry climate and n...
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by Christine000, Apr 03, 2013
I had major palps on this day and I had flowering plants and trees in my house, I also had ...
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by denisehual, Mar 26, 2013
Due to Allergies? Due to Divigel? Stop Divigel... Epsom Salts Bath. Sweats all throughou...
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by kiratharp, Mar 10, 2013
There has been too much half and half in my daily diet. It's so hard to cut it out. I...