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Journals about Anxiety

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by Curly03, Jul 06, 2016
Well here I am again with the exact same symptoms I had last August. Never got a diagnosis ...
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by brendasphere51, Feb 13, 2016
I'm still trying to find out if I have chronic Lyme. I have all the symptoms and they g...
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by inthemeantimes, Jan 30, 2016
AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH ???????1/??!?!??!?? why see also: me: i dont think you have bdpd m...
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by dreaming_ghosty, Dec 30, 2015
i'm going to my grandmother's funeral today. i'm so afraid of death now, i gues...
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by kimikatastrophe, Dec 21, 2015
I have always struggled with severe anxiety. I have anxiety all the time, I constantly worr...
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by cjtmn, Dec 02, 2015
I guess everyone has a journey to an MS diagnosis. Some are short and some are extremely lo...
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by StacyLklnd, Dec 01, 2015 - 2 Comments
I haven't worked in probably 10 years. I am in and out of institutions. I have a very s...
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by JovianX12345, Nov 18, 2015
My name is Jovian, and I am an 18 year old college student. I am biologically a female so f...
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by jessicaholmes83, Nov 11, 2015
In August 2012, I couldn't catch my breath for 3 straight days. I was so tired from no...
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by MistyStardust, Nov 06, 2015
I'll point this out first: I have HOCD. (Which stands for obsessive compulsive disorder...