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Journals about Asthma

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by bpbutterfly, Jul 25, 2012 - 1 Comment
Last night, after a very good day (a rarity in my life), my mom called. 95% of the time aft...
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I am 16 this year and am a asthma patient recently i am becoming really angry and aggressiv...
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by AsthmagirlBindu, Jun 17, 2012
It was a horrible one. i cant breathe suffocating wheezing like someone chocking me. I use ...
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Justin and I decided to go on a bike ride to websters falls. I had little issue making up t...
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by Liz010585, Oct 25, 2011
I have an asthma attack almost everyday of my life since I worked for a BPO company I don&#...
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Today, 5/3/11 is World Asthma Day! What can you share with us about asthma to help other...
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by krysie317, Dec 30, 2010
i can into the hospital last night. running a temp, asthma flared from coughing. and for so...
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Call Pulmo if > 4 puffs albuterol/week Make followup appt in 2-3 mos.
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Almost needed albuterol riding bike in abrupt cold change of weather.
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by Astra1547, Nov 09, 2010
I'm a bad patient when it comes to my own health and i don't look after myself at a...