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Journals about Relationships


by CortneyUrby, Mar 29, 2014
My boobs hurt so bad! Earlier I accidentally bumped them with a tin of popcorn (which I nor...

by DevotedPharmTech, Feb 20, 2014
I decided to create a journal to track my family's slow but upward movement in many ar...

by amethyst1991, Feb 17, 2014
Alright! so after 9 months of the most recent scare here i am again writing up an incident ...

by peachrobidoux, Jun 24, 2013
Husband and I are at an uneasy truce. If I try harder to get **** done, he'll try hard...

by peachrobidoux, Apr 29, 2013
Last weekend was fantastic. Went to my kid's school's family weekend and all got ...

by TIddums, Apr 07, 2013 - 2 Comments
Since last night the other half has been reflecting his self confidence issues on me. His s...

by TIddums, Apr 04, 2013
I was really Happy when I first woke up, but due to relationship issues, or more just an ar...

by jsprings9983, Mar 26, 2013
Sorry, I've been busy living life! I wish I would have ended it when I found out s...

by jessilb, Mar 07, 2013
Everyone in my family is going through something that is putting a stress on our personal r...

by jsprings9983, Feb 23, 2013
It's been awhile! Been busy! So my feelings for D kept increasing, and I cared for ...
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