Rebecca Resnik, PsyD  
Bethesda, MD

Specialties: ADHD, dyslexia, developmental delays

Interests: Developmental Disabilities
Rebecca Resnik & Assoc (formerly Mindwell Psychology Bethesda)
Bethesda Office
Bethesda, MD
Medical Practice
Rebecca Resnik & Assoc (formerly Mindwell Psychology Bethesda)
Bethesda Office
My practice (formerly known as Mindwell Psychology Bethesda) is located in Bethesda Maryland. Our team of psychologists and psychotherapists provide testing, therapy, and advocacy. We also provide presentations, lectures, and staff training. Visit us at www.resnikpsychology.com
Phone: 301-581-1120
Open for new patients
B.S. <Cum Laude>, Special Education, University of Maryland at College ParkUndergraduate,
M.S., Special Education, University of MarylandGraduate,
Psy.D., Psychology, George Washington UniversityGraduate,
Medical Training
Pediatric Psychology & Neuropsychology, Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, Baltimore, MD - Internship
Board Certification
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
About Me
Dr. Resnik is Director of the Bethesda office of Mindwell Psychology. She is a licensed clinical psychologist in Maryland and Virginia. Dr. Resnik provides assessment and therapy services, as well as staff trainings and presentations on topics related to psychology and special education. At Mindwell, she enjoys the challenge of custom designing a testing battery to address the specific needs of the individual and family. During her training at Mount Washington Pediatric Hospital, Dr. Resnik was privileged to treat children with autistic spectrum disorders, seizure disorders, ADHD, autistic spectrum disorders and traumatic brain injury. In addition to assessment, Dr. Resnik provides therapy that integrates theoretical orientations to provide both symptom relief and meaningful improvements in the quality of the individual's relationships. Dr. Resnik has special interest in parenting, diagnosis of developmental disabilities, early childhood assessment, and emotional assessment. Dr. Resnik enjoys speaking and teaching others about psychology. She is available for interviews and speaking engagements.
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