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8 Common Fertility Myths Busted

MYTH: The Pill Reduces Fertility

MYTH: The Pill Reduces Fertility

Previous use of the pill as birth control has shown no effect on a woman’s likelihood to conceive. Over a period of two years, a European study followed more than 2,000 women who were on the pill and stopped taking it to conceive. Within one cycle of stopping the pill, more than 21 percent of the women were pregnant, a more or less identical rate to women who had never used the pill. So far, there's no evidence that taking the pill reduces fertility — however, doctors continue to research the effects of long-term pill use on fertility.

By Nicole Ferring Holovach, MS, RD. Published June 26, 2012. Nicole is a Washington, DC-based nutrition communications professional, writer, and health and wellness educator. She blogs about holistic health at