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I have developed carpal tunnel in both my wrists and find it to be very annoying, I have asked around about which kind of treatment would be best to be rid of it. some have told me that acupuncture is a good non abrasive way on dealing w...
manders07 | Last answer
i have a problem of getting voilent itching attacks on my whole body whenever i get even a little tensed or feel heat...how can i cure it?
shreshth | Last answer
Hi just wanted to ask does acupunture work for breast nodules diagnosed as fibroadenoma and i still have 3 in my left breast please advice what should i do.Thanks
arshk | Last answer
hello i have been suffering from anxiety and depression for almost 2 years and i am desperate to find something all that is available to help me with this. i have been feeling dizziness, lightheadness and a spacy feeling on and off for a...
monica0202 | Last answer
I am sufffering from IBS and the only one thing that I founf that really helps me is acupuncture. But in order to feel well I need to do acupuncture 3 times in a week. Can I do acupuncture by myself ? thank you, Jack
JackABCD | Last answer
I am wondering about acupunture for fertility. I am 41 with a FSH of 15 (10 or under is good for fertility) I just started getting acupunture for this to help with trying to conceive. I just wonder if the person I have been going to will...
mjmom69 | Last answer
Hello! I am having acupuncture for hypo/hashimotos thyroid issues. I do feel some better, but it is a slow process. I also am on a restricted gluten free/dairy free diet and drink herbs prescribed for me. What kind of results may I ho...
sick and tired 47 | Last answer
How would I prepare tea or what kind of tea would I buy and how often would I drink it for nausea?
sue3708 | Last answer
I was actually referred for acupuncture by and ENT doctor. I had never been and was skeptical. Went to a good one here in town (who is also an MD). Due to all the mouth/throat issues, I now deal with anxiety. I can't necessarily say I ...
Margot49 | Last answer
Hi, my name is Alex and I have been living with Multiple Sclerosis since 1986. My last remission was back in 1998. I have had days with some symptoms exacerbating but we cannot consider them as remissions. I would be very interes...
aldez | Last answer
I have stenosis of L4 and L5. Also bulging discs at L4 and L5. I've had 2 acupuncture treatments so far and was given some capsules called "Back Support (HD), by Evergreen. These capsules contain: Bai Shao, Dang Gui, Du Zhong, Chuan Xi...
Carol 1 | Last answer
I am trying to conceive for one year. i married 3 yr back soon after marriage i conceived but i was not wanting child at that time so i take abortion pills same months from a doctor but pills doesn't work to abort then doc. performed sur...
monika143 | Last answer
I have a friend that is suffering from FBSS. She had an synthetic implant two years ago. She lives with chronic pain on a daily basis. She is now considering another operation because she lives in misery and she is almost to her breaking...
toddm67 | Last answer
Can acupuncture help nausea caused by gastroparesis? What other conditions will it help?
sue3708 | Last answer
Ok if this has been brought up I'm sorry. But about 15 years ago I visited Hong Kong and I went to a Herbal doctor. Told him my health problems. Long and short he gave me a mixture of herbs that I took home and brewed as a tea. It fi...
qtee45 | Last answer
I recently had a session of acupuncture for left shoulder/left forearm pain mostly caused from minor weight lifting one month ago. I have had other injuries where Western methods I thought ensured thorough healing. Recently the neuropa...
Tim46 | Last answer
hi is there anything that could help with my symptons its goin on 3 years now headaches nausea fatigue dizziness ive tried several different meds from my doc didnt work i still dont know why im having these symptons its everyday
jackbenny172 | Last answer
So I have a 4.7 cm COMPLEX cyst on my left ovary and after months of monitoring it my Dr now feels the cyst should be removed. I am absolutle terrified bc his procedure is not the most inovative, and I do not have children and want some ...
ButterBuns | Last answer
Are there any Chinese Herbs that could be used for post viral syndrome? Two years ago I came down with shingles on my left leg. After a steroid epidural my immune system went haywire and attacked all my nerves. I am about 50% better b...
geofran | Last answer
How long does it take to conceive with TCM and acupuncture at age 37?
DameP | Last answer
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