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I'm currently 38week & my baby is head down...Any home remedies I can use to try to get labor started or at least get my cervix to open up. Sex & walking is not helping :(
Drena20 | Last answer
Okay so in Oct 3rd I Got My period It Last A Week In a half Nov 2st I spot it's was Light Only For One Day symptoms cramping in my stomach. I had headache by my eyes  I been going back and forth to the what could it mean Am I pregna...
LeeleeDoee | Last answer
We realize that pathology reports can be difficult to understand. This forum will give you a place to ask your personal questions and receive answers from a board-certified expert. The goal of this forum is helping patients understand wh...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
I got my period on October 4th and had a condom accident on oct 19. Is it possible i can get pregnant?
patricia1211 | Last answer
Hello I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant with a soar throat and a cough. Could go into labor any day now. Could this cough affect my baby in any way? Will me & her be OK??
MamiofEA | Last answer
Cancer Therapy: Can It Hurt Your Heart? Thursday Aug 01, 2013, 12:00PM - 01:00PM (EST) For one day only, doctors from the Cleveland Clinic Cardio-Oncology Center will participate in a live, online health chat to answer your persona...
Cindy | Posted
Hi: I have a Hematology question (not Oncology) for an expert. I can't find that forum. Does anyone know where to post for a hematologist?
PlasmaD | Last answer
Im 16 weeks pregnant nd i get a lot of headaches nd my bones hurt a lot wat can i take
102412 | Last answer
i do have bruises before my period..i thought it just normal.?
crissel_18 | Last answer
I am a 31 year old female and have had multiple ongoing problems that have been brushed aside. Everything started with a complete hysterectomy at age 23 (leaving my ovaries). I was suffering from severe endometriosis. In the Summer of ...
amtraut81 | Last answer
My niece was recently diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. She is 20 years old and had a blast count of over 90%, but there was no sign of the cancer in her CNS. She had her first round of chemo yesterday, and they are letting ...
banarep | Last answer
I know the majority of you prob aren't doctors, but maybe could help from personal experiences . I am a 20 year old female who is normally very bubbly n full of energy, also with good health, had asthma as a kid and still do but only wit...
hollywoodlove29 | Last answer
I dont know what is goning on with Bailey, he has been in so much pain for the last week, vomting and the poopes....It makes me so worryed...and mad that my baby has to go through this...He hasent been to school all week...Im goning to c...
Mother of bailey | Last answer
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herbstreament | Posted
what is the newest drug for AML, my 2yr old grandson is in the hospital.
shay933 | Last answer
I had a question as to why muscle cramps is a symptom with ALL. Could it be because of the reduced ability to metabolize calcium or anaerobic metabolism or what?
ben714 | Last answer
I have bruising around my lymph node areas on my body. They are about the size of a pencil easer and they form a circle around each lymph node area. I have them under my armpits on my neck groin area stomach etc. It really concerns me a...
Teacherfriend | Last answer
Im trying to find some information for my dad..he was just diagnosed not too long ago and is on his 3rd set of chemo, hes getting sores in his mouth, he is all bruised up, hes lost alot of weight,,and my mom is a mess, im terrified, he j...
Dustypa | Last answer
well my son is having CALLA positive ALL 2nd protocol 841 has just been completed on 4th april 09 , i want to just ask how to increase platelet count as his count drops suddenly and his age is 1 year 2 month
pappu01 | Last answer
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