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This is a chat group for anyone who needs to vent about thier problems with addiction to opiates (including methadone), benzos, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and any other drug that is causing you problems in your life or that have become a normal part of your life, like drinking water and eating.

Founded by drekOK on September 28, 2009
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By livsmom2011 Blank
I am new to the group & was hoping someone could give me any info at all on suboxone for opiate withdrawal? I really ...
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By bikeman1956 Blank
in recovery from alcohol since may 1990 im 56 now have been thru 5 bypass in 97 have torn rotator cuffs insuline diab...
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By Mystic_eyetis Blank
So I've been on methadone through a methadone clinic for just over 2 years. I had an issue finding a dose that would ...
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By lola200677 Blank
When I'm depressed I go on ebay and its now a bit of an addiction! Any ppl out there the same ?
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By twill83 Blank
So I'm a 29 year old female and, well, this is the first time I've shared with anyone that I am seriously addicted to...
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JmmeeJan 24, 2013
RonStDec 17, 2011
jallen421Dec 16, 2011
RonStDec 10, 2011
GA_need_helpDec 09, 2011
By RonSt Blank
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR for WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS!!! Hello there; Last evening Oct 20,2011, while struggling with the g...
4622011 tn?1357278477
By vinmat6652 Blank
I'm Vince go to my profile and if you want to discuss Addiction & Recovery, they are different, get in touch. Best o...
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By Suew125 Blank
I have been taking Vicodin for hip pain for 6 months now. I started by taking 5mg/3 times a day and now I am up to 1...
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aheartSep 21, 2012
By q__ Blank
Hi! I just broke up with a woman who is also a cocaine dealer. You would NEVER know it. She has a regular GOOD job, s...
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GarbageAddict360Aug 23, 2012
By robert199224 Blank
For the last 2 years of my life Ive been taking 30mg percs almost everyday and varies from 1-4 each day. im getting s...
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By Offkillter Blank
Hey everyone. I'm new to this site but definately not new to addiction or withdrawal. It can be so frustrating. I ...
3134189 tn?1342786411
By KateP84 Blank
I had previously joined back in August 2011. I started methadone in Aug '11 and ended in March '11. I was clean for 4...
1998601 tn?1368139948
WantMyLifeBack2010Feb 14, 2012
akitagurl12Feb 14, 2012
WantMyLifeBack2010Jan 28, 2012
By ibBIgpapa Blank
I just would like to get some feedback and other peoples perspective on Rehab's or just people in general I guess tha...
822153 tn?1333066595
By tomskat Blank
Is anyone awake/out there??
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By eaw102 Blank
My boyfriend of 7 years admitted last night he was addicted to heroin!!!! I had no idea, he has been smoking it for n...
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By WantMyLifeBack2010 Blank
Ok here goes another question.....I have been Tapering off Methadone for which I began Treatment for my Opiate addict...
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DrpeppergirlJan 25, 2012
WantMyLifeBack2010Sep 06, 2011
By WMLB Blank
I have been checkin this site out for a while now. I have been on Norco 10/325 for the past year. It finally got to w...
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jallen421Dec 20, 2011
phiaNorcoqueenDec 17, 2011
By jallen421 Blank
Has anyone tried the drug"Gabapentin" for opiate withdrawals? Someone who was on Methodone said its great! Im on subo...
1945289 tn?1336998404
By phiaNorcoqueen Blank
Hi i have been using for about 6 yrs on and off and i ran out of my meds the doc put me on 8 10/325 a day and 224 pil...
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WantMyLifeBack2010Dec 17, 2011
jallen421Dec 16, 2011
jallen421Dec 16, 2011
WantMyLifeBack2010Oct 15, 2011
agreeneyedcatOct 13, 2011
By nsane63 Blank
i was on opiates since i was 16 im 28 now methodone the last 5 yrs 120 mill but i took it 3 days a week and took neur...
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