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This is a chat group for anyone who needs to vent about thier problems with addiction to opiates (including methadone), benzos, tranquilizers, sedatives, alcohol, cocaine, methamphetamine and any other drug that is causing you problems in your life or that have become a normal part of your life, like drinking water and eating.

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It has been over a year since I used crack cocaine. I do not get any cravings anymore which is good. I used for seven years sometimes daily and other times on binges. But I still get flashbacks and paranoia. Tonight I had a very ba...
sungirl1260 | Posted
I think about vics 24/7....Does anyone else? How do we retrain our brain? I keep telling myself I spent 40 years of my life without these damn pills......
ltrain408 | Posted
on how 2 stop? ;/
madisonnotApeace | Posted
hi I've had a real problem with opiates...have been clean off them for about a month now...but seem to be developing a new problem with adderall...started out only doing on the weekends but now I've found myself doing in the morning to g...
Vincent456 | Last answer
i dont know a question, i dont even know why i resorted to a website- well ok maybe bc my husband has no idea how bad i desire a opiate and a blunt right about now... his gaming (xbox) addiction is driving me over the edge. i have no way...
keleighey | Last answer
Hello Everyone- I am totally in need of support and help!! I sure you are all too familiar with my story..blah, blah, balh. It's the same! I am a self descrutive drug addict who has now foound a new addiction to pain pills. Arrggghh! I h...
tavia14 | Last answer
hi, I am 24, married and mother of a 10mo old. I have been using pills on and off since I was 17 but nothing crazy. A year and a half ago right before I got pregnant I had been taking Ultram for two years. Described to me by a dr who sa...
lost_wife | Last answer
I have had a problem with pills for about 2 years, but a year and a half of that I could stop at anytime. Just this past New Years Eve I have started to wean myself, and am going through HELL! I started taking them for my back problems,...
OPIgirl | Last answer
I am completly sick and tired of taking pills. I still love the high but the endless need of these things is really getting old. I take them to feel better but in actuality they are making me lazy, not care about anything but the next fi...
helpmenow630 | Last answer
I am having a really hard time right now--I am day 2 c/t from oc, vics.. . Anyway how long does it take to feel better and I'm not just talking about the physical stuff. I'm a mother of two, married and college professor so I should kn...
cathy499 | Posted
lets see i have been using for about 2.5 years and im so sic of it! I lost the love of my life becuse I couldn't stop. I've tryed to stop so many times and I just can't get past the constent moving and my lags just ahhh. There is only o...
sic_of_myaddiction | Last answer
recovering addicit.... anybody there
koechner | Last answer
Can anyone please HEALP ME I NEED someone that can relate to me
sexy32 | Posted
im curently addicted to soboxion i take 8mg a day not the whole thing i brake it up in little pices but i still get energy forme it.. and im not shure if im pregant its too early to tell
sexy32 | Posted
enough to turn you to drugs. (joke) 1 minute ago - 0 comments - (Public) hi everyone, been to my clinic today and continued my 2mg/methadone taper, im down to 14mg/day now and feeling pretty good about myself. On the other hand i...
Tomuk | Posted
Was only taking Tramadol for ONE month 2 50mg pills twice daily for pain and when I stopped two days into my next refill I started experiencing what I soon realized were withdrawal symptoms. I've never been addicted to opiates and it ha...
Rumplestilskin | Last answer
To make a long story short.I had Cervical Fusion done again for the second time in my neck September 20th and I have been taken "5 mg-325 percocets" Since May On and off no more then 6 a day. The week before my surgery I was taken 2 a...
iamdonefinlly | Last answer
GHnyc | Posted
Hi~ I'm a long time junkie, and have been on both methadone, and currently (last 4 yrs), Suboxone. Not one single prob/desire/use/etc, with any opiates. However, as it states above: I'm using meth!! Small amounts, but regardless it isn...
forman | Last answer
I am trying to help get my daughter off these. She has been snorting oxy. She is currently on suboxone and counseling. I was hoping for a miracle cure, but she still has issues. I asked the Doctor about a shot that I read about but he sa...
scaredmommy1 | Last answer
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