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WELCOME TO THE ADDICTION: LIVING WITH AN ADDICT COMMUNITY. This patient support community is for family members and loved ones of people who are substance abuse addicts. Discussions cover how to help your loved one, enabling, coping with the emotional impact of addiction, intervention, and when to seek medical help. If you are not a family member of a substance abuse addict and instead need help with your addiction, please visit our Addiction: Substance Abuse Community to get the support you need.

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I want to know if I could talk to any parent of a heroin addict
lajuneott | Last answer
Our 23 year old son was in rehab in another state for 3 months before he walked out on his own. (he overdosed at home and had to be nar-canned, he told us he needed to get away and picked this place on his own) he was getting ready fo...
hawkhuntr | Last answer
Hi everyone. First time posting but I guess my question is similar to many others. I've been in a new relationship for only a few months with a guy who openly admitted he had problems with alcohol, he's been in detox a few times and t...
MaisyLou74 | Last answer
I have an addiction to smoking pot cigarettes and drinking alcohol to take away my pain help would be lovely xxx
sareebearxoxo | Posted
im 24 weeks and my boyfriend attacked me today , pushing / hitting me and grabbing my face and hitting my head on the wall He won't stop taking cocaine! He only does it on a weekend. I phoned the police and got him arrested I just ca...
Sierzega2750 | Last answer
Hi all, I'd like to share my story. I have been with my partner for 10 years. When I met him, I new he was a long time hard user, mainly meth and ice. It didn't bother me too much as I smoked a bit of pot and he seemed nice and not ag...
Kiz_Qz | Last answer
Hello I'm new here. I'm having a rough night. My partner has been sober in recovery. Things were looking up and today he relapsed. He takes everything I say wrong. I'm trying to leave him alone tonight so we can talk later. I don't get a...
csny1 | Last answer
His drug addiction spiraled out of control over the course of several years that eventually led him to prison. He has been down a few years and being released later this year. My biggest fear if he goes back the drug scene, his chanc...
hippiechic7 | Posted
My story: Two years ago my then-boyfriend relapsed and ended up in jail. He'd taken my car to the gas station, was offered drugs by a dealer in the parking lot, and accepted. He had been drug-free for quite some time and had been rebuil...
ElizaCain | Posted
So after a post here and there on this forum, and quite a few great responses, nothing has yet changed to allow me to leave my addict. OxyContin is one powerful drug. I could argue, almost more powerful than love. I find myself on the ...
Struggling_Supporter | Last answer
I simply can't take it anymore. Tonight pushed me over the edge. I've dealt with it for six years.
helpme21288 | Last answer
Hi, This side Kamal, I've an addiction of masterbation from past 8 years. I do it once, twice and sometimes trice a day. But from past few months my joints, backbone, finger bones, leg bones started paining and my eyesight is getting ...
imkml | Posted
Well tomorrow is 7days off my norco 10 325 I was feeling pretty good then my husband called and told me he lost his job he is the bread winner so I started freaking out called my doc today and got my script filled I hadn't had any pills ...
winthewar | Last answer
Hello, just a few questions first off I am an addict and alcoholic myself, Anyways, my mother is 48 yrs old been using and drinking her whole life, but since she,moved in wit this guy she is going down quick, we just usually smoke we...
lively2430 | Last answer
My son was clean for a year and then in febuary he started again. it lasted 2 months and he is clean and swares he is finished and will never go back again. he started working again. Is this normal? He saved some money and wants to buy a...
gabby705 | Last answer
I have been with my boyfriend (who I have lived with for the past 4 years). In total 7 years but the first 3 years were off and on. On Sunday morning, I went into our bedroom and found a heavily uses crack pipe on the floor in plain s...
confusedinvan34 | Last answer
Someone please help me. My husband of 5 years is currently in a 30 day rehab across the country. I encouraged him to go since his addiction to pain meds has bankrupted us. I too was taking pills and we did them together. I stopped cold t...
Sseig | Last answer
My husband is addicted to Excedrin. He now gets diarrhea a few nights a week and when he doesn't take it he says he gets an unbearable headache/migraine. He says he can't quit because the headache is too unbearable. So instead he just...
krause1515 | Last answer
Can a methadone treatment be switched to suboxone? My 21 yr old son needs to detox from Xanax. He can't do Xanax detox until he is down to 30mg/day methadone.
rjs8 | Last answer
So my roomate told me about his pp test at work. Not so good! he told me that he tested positive for amphetamine/ methanphedamine. He does take adderall for his adhd. I told him that would be the amphetamine. Then I told him to stop sm...
Nvncbl20 | Last answer
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