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This community is a place to share information and support with others who are trying to stop using drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other addictive substances. Discuss with others, the symptoms of addiction, addiction recovery, ways to quit like tapering and cold turkey, and withdrawal symptoms. If you are interested in general "chat", please visit our Addiction Social Community.

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jcharliejSep 22
corymacSep 18, 2009
leeisgettingcleanSep 18, 2009
hpipslaveSep 18, 2009
troubleinohioSep 18, 2009
By suggars Blank
So I have surgery in 7 hours and took 3 hits of meth like 2 hours ago. Is this gonna affect me waking up after surger...
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jifmocSep 21
vicki595Sep 21
By Carolnlenny
Well, I was on fioricet for years...taking up to 6 a day. I finally got off it the hard way and was free of it...or s...
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LissyQSep 21
Sk001Aug 24, 2014
RosielmjJul 30, 2014
MarleyANAug 30, 2013
By MandyDL Blank
I have been treated for depression since 1991 and am on lexapro and just started gabitril. The problem is that I nev...
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AndrOx13Sep 21
snowbalchickApr 28, 2014
snowbalchickApr 28, 2014
moznozNov 20, 2013
killerzoeyFeb 09, 2013
By pinkmelove Blank
I have been dating a 32 year old man, for almost 11 months. For the first three months things were great, we had a gr...
10111025 tn?1408021473
BoooshSep 20
By Leokittygirl777 Blank
I am on Methadone, coming down 2 mgs a week with occasional pauses to allow my body to catch up. Currently on 53 mgs,...
898832 tn?1243971623
google137May 21, 2009
By google137 Blank
has anyone had experience with it? good, or, bad. i heard it helps with w/d symptoms. please shoot straight. and, let...
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By jenniferandjenessagmailcom855 Blank
I've been taking Tramadol my entire pregnancy... I am scheduled for a csection Monday, Aug 6th... a week from tomorro...
1091149 tn?1396353103
Debi1973Sep 19
Debi1973Sep 19
ActingBrandNewJul 25, 2013
BABBS68Jul 25, 2013
providencelllMar 18, 2011
By raquelagogo Blank
Hello, I know what your probally thinking, another opiate addict looking for a legally prescribed high. Well, that...
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jifmocSep 19
jifmocSep 19
Libramom3Sep 15
ActingBrandNewMar 21, 2013
By lacoates4 Blank
I went to a job interview today, one which I am MORE than qualified for. The interview went great and the manager bas...
1967424 tn?1325637380
theaddictJan 18, 2012
bmdadJan 18, 2012
tulsa1966Jan 18, 2012
bama88Jan 18, 2012
justsaynotodrugsJan 18, 2012
By finallyIamdone Blank
I have a problem and it is really stupid. I hear someone got hurt or something and went to doctor who prescribed pain...
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Dee1956Sep 18
meegWpawSep 11
Bobj15Sep 07
Bobj15Sep 07
By Bobj15
Hey everyone. Haven't posted I a few weeks but still here! It's going to be 10 month this week since I have refused ...
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Dee1956Sep 18
Ruthy55Sep 14
Dee1956Sep 14
Dee1956Sep 14
By Williamnorri
Hi all hoping for some advice. I was prescribed both Tramadol & Gabapentin for sciatica im on 2 x 50mg of tramadol 3 ...
822153 tn?1333066595
purplecologneMar 16, 2012
LADYDI4185May 14, 2009
By tomskat Blank
hey all...i was just put on an anti-depressant called Pristiq..i was put on it for anxiety rather than continue on w/...
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DianepriceAug 23, 2015
KasherMay 07, 2014
By gravitypope Blank
Hi, I am 29 year old female living in Canada and I am addicted to Mersyndol. I was able to stop for awhile a year...
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SJS49Sep 15
By Rtobaygo
I've been on vicodin (10 mg five per day )for over ten years. For the past six weeks I've had low blood pressure (85...
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vicki595Sep 15
KrobetteSep 13
vicki595Aug 05
vicki595Aug 04
KrobetteAug 04
By Krobette
First, I'm so thankful to see a board dedicated to this monster medication -- and a support group. My story -- I h...
1503566 tn?1290281728
steve473Mar 05, 2013
lostsoul30Nov 12, 2010
DayToTryNov 12, 2010
lostsoul30Nov 12, 2010
By lostsoul30 Blank
Hello, im new to this forum and decided to introduce myself and explain a lil about me. Im gonna be 30 next month i h...
1796826 tn?1473831092
EvolverUSep 14
corey4433Sep 13
Dee1956Sep 13
By Ben727
Hit the four year and 1500 days clean marks recently. Wanted to share that with everyone here. I used to come on here...
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SJS49Sep 14
Ellela223Sep 13
meegWpawSep 13
SJS49Sep 12
By Ellela223
I am currently on day 5 of opiate withdrawal. I went cold turkey last week and it's been rough. I am finally feeling ...
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jifmocSep 14
gnarly_1BlankSep 14
SJS49Sep 14
By Happyturtle214
I know this is my addiction speaking but when does the feeling of restlessness go away? I've had to work every day si...
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