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This community is a place to share information and support with others who are trying to stop using drugs, prescription drugs, alcohol, tobacco or other addictive substances. Discuss with others, the symptoms of addiction, addiction recovery, ways to quit like tapering and cold turkey, and withdrawal symptoms. If you are interested in general "chat", please visit our Addiction Social Community.

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18070169 tn?1463179514
sicrawMay 23
sicrawMay 21
sicrawMay 19
sicrawMay 19
sicrawMay 19
By sicraw
I have taken 10 mg a night for 5 years. Off and on I would get aches under my rib, but they would go. Nothing else ...
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JimBSNAug 22, 2014
SteveWard3928Mar 01, 2014
By LouLou4978 Blank
Is Tramadol a controlled schedule class IV or not? Last year I was told they initiated it to be and was in effect, bu...
Avatar n tn
junior43May 21
Ready2befreeMay 17, 2015
rjb7142May 16, 2015
MrHappymanJun 12, 2011
MrHappymanJun 12, 2011
By MrHappyman Blank
Suboxone addiction is real, too many of us its the answer when we present our problem of opiate addiction. I want yo...
1078103 tn?1256783001
Rider248May 21
mmafan84Oct 19, 2009
Lisa034Oct 19, 2009
mmafan84Oct 19, 2009
christos24Oct 19, 2009
By mmafan84 Blank
I have been on methadone for 5 1/2 years. I am currently at 65 mg and have been for a while. I have been wanting to ...
Avatar n tn
suz4321May 20
JR.Jul 12, 2002
scared in so calJul 09, 2002
Dr.XJul 09, 2002
tex3Jul 09, 2002
By OxyDout Blank
Hey guys, I was able to post this morning, but I figured I would take this spot and allow anyone and everyone to use ...
Avatar m tn
motye51Sep 17, 2014
By ButterflyGardener48 Blank
I was on Fentanyl 75 mchs for about 5 years for bulging disc & severe Sciatica pain. I no longer have the medical ...
Avatar m tn
By ddinthearmy01
I recently went through a rapid detox for suboxone....I was on approx 1 mg a day, tapered down from 16mg over 5 year ...
Avatar n tn
J_C09May 20
J_C09May 20
charm10Aug 27, 2007
cindiMay 04, 2001
vikepudaApr 30, 2001
By Valerie Blank
My cousin just died of a herion overdose. No one would tell me or no one knew what happened to the person while thei...
Avatar f tn
K299May 15
Smarty4444Dec 13, 2015
I am having a hell of a time w/d off Lyrica! It is horrible! I was on it for my dental pain and decided to get off of...
Avatar n tn
DarabinMay 19
UtahResidentDec 26, 2007
traveladdictDec 26, 2007
By seekinghelp84 Blank
I have been taking ambien for 2 years for helping falling asleep. I am only 22 and have been taking 20 mg every night...
Avatar m tn
emmzaleeMay 19
Turbo442May 18
Turbo442May 18
DeadcallgirlAug 29, 2013
IvuserAug 18, 2013
By butchyboy Blank
Hi my names Butch I’m 21 years old this is my first time posting on the internet, I’ve been reading the comments on t...
Avatar m tn
emmzaleeMay 19
Daz2013Feb 12, 2013
toothfairieFeb 11, 2013
Daz2013Feb 11, 2013
tommygunneApr 30, 2012
By tommygunne Blank
hi i am 5 days into a methadone rattle, does anyone here no how long it takes for the main rattle to end. I no that ...
Avatar f tn
MnRothMay 18
Witt65Apr 22
Witt65Apr 22
sephy_samaFeb 20, 2015
EvolverUAug 12, 2014
By StillLost21 Blank
If opiates are a "downer" drug, compared to cocaine and meth which are clearly upper drugs, why does it give you so m...
Avatar f tn
By PercNewbie
I was giving the oxy 10-325 after a couple surgeries and ended up getting hooked on them (Constantly using them for p...
Avatar m tn
By mersault22
Hey guys. So I've been on xanax or ativan for anxiety since about last October. The most I've taken is 1 mg of x...
1507070 tn?1290561141
jamesdula1971Feb 02, 2015
S53115Sep 23, 2014
S53115Sep 23, 2014
help2quitOct 02, 2013
By Hopeforbaby511 Blank
I'm 14 weeks pregnant I used crack cocaine here and there then i found out I was pregnant I stopped and started back ...
Avatar f tn
DianepriceAug 23, 2015
KasherMay 07, 2014
KasherMay 07, 2014
1MickApr 17, 2014
By gravitypope Blank
Hi, I am 29 year old female living in Canada and I am addicted to Mersyndol. I was able to stop for awhile a year...
623065 tn?1275507295
lenn000May 04
gr8scottiApr 08
FreedomWriterApr 08, 2014
RalphioOct 09, 2013
By heathag Blank
I was wondering how long it will take me to feel normal again. I havent felt that way in over 13 years im 49 days cle...
673186 tn?1225987525
Past_User67Jun 06, 2015
limherenowMar 10, 2014
limherenowMar 10, 2014
Stop4848Nov 23, 2013
By Krissy28 Blank
I have been off cocaine for about 6 months, However I did have 2 slips during that time. I think about doing coke eve...
Avatar m tn
msm111Jun 09, 2015
msm111Feb 11, 2015
Ruthy55Feb 03, 2015
msm111Feb 03, 2015
By msm111 Blank
Snorted a large amount of Cocaine, 3 weeks ago, for the first (and last) time in my life. I think I slightly overdos...
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