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I was wondering if it is safe to use it together. So far I sometimes use Urbanol and sometimes Alzam for anxiety.Is there other people al...
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I want to withdraw from Hydrocodone. I've been on pain meds steadily for 2 years. A year and a half ago, I came off cold turkey from Perc...
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Ok I have a friend that Im truly worried about shes been smoking like a chimney ( she only has one lung) shes also been drinking like a f...
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i know this is crazy but i've been drinking a little bit while pregnant...like 1/3 of a glass of red wine every other week and a little c...
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I went to the doctor for a percocet habbit of about 6 months.( It was just a way for me to "UNWIND" after work..When I tried to stop one ...
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Before I get into my story, please let me say this..... I beg you to think long and hard about undergoing Weismann. I had the Weisman...
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One of my friend is under drug addiction treatment, so i want to help him.
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I was hoping you all could share your story/experience with me. I'm at day 42 and I don't see any lights in sight, just a really dark end...
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Good evening. I apologize ahead of time for this post, because i dont know of any sites to go to for my question, or if im posting in t...
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Still a little restlessness & trouble sleeping but other than that the only real problem is the mental part. Every morning I have this su...
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Well I've been off methadone since 6/25/16 so it's roughly 70 days...forgot to check my ticket before posting. Life is good. Withdrawal...
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Hi. I'm currently addicted to vicodin and take about 150 mg a day and have been for about 8 months. Every time I stop and run out I suf...
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When will I wake up from this nightmare? Day 42, rls, hot flashes, feel like I'm 600 pounds. I can't stand feeling like this. I have no-o...
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Hello all , i just thought id share my newest accomplishment 121 days clean. I can remember counting those few days like it was my end, b...
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Someone very close to me started taking SOMA, Dans, Oxycontin, etc. in late 2005. He tried to go on Suboxone once in mid-2007 to get off...
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Like many of you with an opiate addiction, I began taking hydros for legitimate pain. My two sources of pain are endometriosis and chroni...
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Good morning all; This is my first post although as a pill addict trying each morning to get clean, lol, I read here often. I have tried...
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Hello I am taking 2 morphine long lasting 60mg of morphine for neuropathic pain. But I was chewing it to get a better result and some da...
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A few months ago, I lost someone very very close to me. I'm disappointed to say that he died due to mixing alcohol and the pain killer, f...
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