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I am 5'9 healthy, but only 118lbs. I stopped smoking marijuana on the 4th of August. I never want to touch the stuff again. I can say tha...
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Hi all ....just wanted to know if its just me .... I am on day 5 1/2 off 240mg a day of Oxycontin & 60 mg of Oxycodone a day .... and wh...
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Hello. I'm worried about my husband. We've been married for 7 years and have two small kids. Last week I found cocaine on my desk whil...
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My boyfriend and I have only been together for 3 months, and I didn't know he was going to the methadone clinic until about a month and a...
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Hi everyone, A few years back I had shoulder surgery and started taking oxys. Because of a back injury I kept taking them even after I d...
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Im going absolutely nuts over here. Long story short, I went from pills to heroin... then to get off that I went on suboxone which took a...
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I have been on Tramadol for 5 weeks due to double knee replacement pain. I tried to stop it cold turkey and had horrible withdrawal symp...
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About how long would it take for a person who is addicted to pain killers and morphine to begin to detox after his last dose? Is this det...
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Hello! I haven't really posted much on here lately. I wanted to stop by and let you all know on October 10th I was clean for 1 year. Its ...
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Hey friends, I don't come on here as much and this isn't really a question. My sobriety date is March 20, 2016... I just wanted to kind ...
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Has anyone tried Ultra Rapid Opioid Detoxification (U.R.O.D). I am on methadone and i don't want to withdrawal the methadone for 1 year. ...
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Hey everybody ~ Today is my 8th day on Suboxone and it has been an interesting experience, for sure. I found that I get VERY sleepy after...
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About 6+ months ago, I began a post about wanting to quit taking pain (opiates) meds. It hasn't been going very well! There were jus...
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I am a 33 year old female with a family, a masters degree, and have all the support in the world. However, I'm not being honest about wha...
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hey has annyone else getting mind bending headaches for withdrawals , ive been getting pounders at about early evening and there debilit...
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Hello everyone, just wanted to give an update , Im now 6 months clean and sober. I cant believe time has gone by so fast, at first it was...
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Hi i can't believe i've gotten this far, this time last year i was in the gutter big time lost my kids and everything but here i am feeli...
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When I left detox last week for fentanyl abuse the doc gave me a script for Trazodone(50mg/tab). It is to help you sleep and not suppose...
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Hi i am new here and i would really like some advice and support, i have been addicted to vicodin for a yr, ever since i had a csect with...
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Well, I am still here! I am cautiously optimistic! I do feel a little, and I mean a little better! My feet seem fine now! I've been takin...
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