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I had chemo and rads in 2011 for breast cancer, and in 2014 I was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency. I thought the cancer chemo might be why. Then I thought it was pill medicine-related, in that just before I went into a low cortiso...
ggreg | Last answer
Hi all, thanks in advance. I have hasimoto's, and am on Armour thyroid. I was just prescriped 10mg Hydrocortisone. Here were my adrenals.... AP Free Cortisol Rhythm - Saliva 06:00 - 08:00 AM result: 15 Normal; ref values: ...
darinstrauss | Last answer
First off, let me say that I’m not looking for a diagnosis – and obviously no one here can diagnose me – but I’m trying to do some research for my own sake. In any case, here’s a brief synopsis of the last few years of my life: For...
NG2011 | Last answer
I am new to this group. Can anyone interpret these STIM test results for me? The endo says my cortisol is high. That may be, but I read that the baseline cortisol should double after the stimulation at 60 minutes. Mine number did not do...
dante1958 | Last answer
I had a Cortisol Ser HQ test done in the am recently because of a low afternoon Cortisol level. I have been extremely fatigued, have low blood pressure, heart rate that bounces around (tachycardia), heart flutters. Severe nausea. Just d...
Health4good | Last answer
I have had AF for at leat 15 years now and nothing I have tried has worked to reverse it. I will soon be trying some EMDR, to address the emotional cause of the AF (stats show that most AF is triggered by a trauma to the person, be it p...
sgtanthony | Last answer
As a background, I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis, for which I just began treatment. A few weeks ago, prior to treatment, I had an ACTH Stimulation Test run, the results of which are as follows: Cortisol Basal 19.6 ug/dL Cortisol Refer...
Charbt | Last answer
Per my post last month (scroll down). I took a 24 hr adrenal - blood saliva test last May. It revealed slightly low adrenals even though my blood cortisol level test from an MD tested in mid of the range (was OK on that test). I did noth...
LazyMoose | Last answer
I need more information on adrenal insufficiency. My primary doctor, nor my endocrinologist, recognize this. I have chronic insomnia, plus other symptoms. I can't take prescription insomnia drugs, they cause side effects. I use over the ...
nite0wl | Last answer
I just had lab work and doctor called to say my cortisol was too high. I have never even seen this test before and don't know why he ran it along with my normal "check up" bloodwork. I am 62 years old. It was an early AM test,fasting....
mahuf | Last answer
I have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism and adrenal fatigue. I had the 24 hr saliva cortisol testing done about a year ago which basically showed my adrenal glands were flat. At that time, I was put in hydrocortisone tablets. I had ...
db0704 | Last answer
Hi there, can anyone tell me what an adrenal ultrasound is and how is it done and is there anythng you should do or take prior to the ultrasound.
Cammz | Last answer
I don't understand my test results. The labs says that some of the results fall out of range but does not say which ones. Here they are... cortisol AM 20.3 range 2.4-33.7 cortisol noon 3.6 1.2-17.8 cortisol PM 1.5...
wisdomseeker101 | Last answer
My result came back very normal, but I don't even know what is normal. Does anyone know the ranges for normal for a blood test for Cortisol, Serum (ug/dL). Mine was 16.3 at 1pm in the afternoon. I'm having severe symptoms that are affe...
sseyocean | Last answer
hi everyone i have a lot of problems with my health i was on dexamethasone (decadron) 0.5 mg every other day for about 7 months to treat adrenal fatigue i was doing this by myself when i was going to a doctor he switch me to hydrocortis...
Nabil92 | Last answer
Hello, I'm a 25 years old female and I've been on prednisone since 2012 I have adrenal insufficiency and Ive gained weight since my diagnosis. I currently weight 135 and to me it seems a lot! I have a moon face and a fatty neck which i...
Everod90 | Last answer
I have been having problems for the last two years. Severe hypoglycemia, dizziness, hair loss, heart palps, fatique, fainting spells, blood pressure fluctuations, and tachycardia just to name a few. It got really bad after I had surgery ...
briiaa | Last answer
Hi people. What does my lab results mean? Thanks. *My Serum Cortisol lab result: *Year 2010: Cortisol Assay (a.m.) = 1.60 (Normal Values: 4.20 - 38.40) *My Glycohemoglobin lab results: *Year 2010: Glycohemoglobin = 5.46 (...
LourdesMaeM | Last answer
In May 2014 my husband had his right kidney & adrenal gland removed (the kidney had a central cancerous tumor in it & the adrenal gland had a nodule on it). All was fine with the 1st 6 mos checkup. This month, May 2015, the PA told us th...
LittleKoti | Last answer
If your suffering from extreme insomnia, foggy thought etc from an adrenal disorder then please try cherries (tinned or fresh) with a pint of water about 1 hour before u sleep (cherries r high in melatonin) and if u r really desperate th...
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