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Is there a way to involve an adult with special needs in a group like Moose or Elks? Do they feel even if they can't do a lot of the activities?
Marriedguy70 | Last answer
I need help and suggestions for my parents. They are late 60's-70, and my 30 year old brother with special needs lives with them. He is killing them slowly. He qualifies as high functioning mentally retarded. He gets in trouble wit...
Biggw | Last answer
I'm 39 Weeks and worried about my baby's father. He is very tall and tends to run into things with his long arms and legs. I guess I just want him to be more careful and watch where he goes. He can be very clumsy and constantly hits his ...
g2Aguilar | Last answer
Amplified noise sensitivity in adult daily making daily functions very challenging or impossible...any ideas? Going on since childhood and getting almost severe as an adult
Patrinia | Last answer
I have multiple medical issues, but most at least I have a direction to head in...Basically, I had lots of problem going through school - some (actually most) had to do with learning problems, other were behavioral issues, at least in pa...
Red_Barchetta | Last answer
my son has downss, he is 26 yrs old and over the past few years he has got violent and aggresive towards me, what can i do? please help
fuzzhead | Last answer
What an interesting way to get people interested in reading! Book trailers are like movie trailers, but for books! You can find them all over the internet now, but here is a site that's featuring them on YouTube. ****
kala007 | Last answer
I am having trouble answering these 3 scenarios.You are assuming these are adults. 1. Mike has resisted getting on the bus for several days now. While the group waits at the bus stop, he paces nervously and tries to talk you into driv...
xian67 | Last answer
Noticed my wife is very non attentive. just married a couple months ago. still love her but always noticed shes unenthusiastic about things. seems very drained. doesnt seem to listen well at all in conversations. in the middle of talking...
pittfan17 | Last answer
Anyone can get AIDS from kissing and tonuge on the lips
jack384 | Last answer
My third oldest son has Tourette's and also has some learning issues. He can read, but he can't spell/print. No matter what we try he just can't seem to grasp spelling/printing. I'm talking serious spelling/printing issues...he can hol...
tschock | Last answer
Hi, my older brother does has special needs not sure if it is ther right special need for this form. He has been in special schools and stuff and he is now 22. He has bipolar ADHD, ADD, OCD, tourette syndrome, PSD, high functioning menta...
RinTin_91 | Last answer
hey doctor i am 21 years man and my testicular is paining a lot from last one week i need your help ...wht happened nd wht to do ....only one of them is paining
me_you | Last answer
Does anyone have advice on how long it takes to heal a deep/serious pressure soar on my para husbands foot....he was disabled at the age of 5...so many years ago that really we should go back through self care training....things have cha...
littlemouse | Last answer
i ask u that how i gain gain my weight my current weight is 46 and my desire weigth is 65
sufyan219 | Last answer
I have just looked at this forum and it seems to be all over the map. Howwever, there is not much about "adults with special needs", which is the forum title. Is there any way that this can turn into a good forum for adults with spec...
cead | Last answer
Hi I wondered how many parents on here had to place their youngster into a care home due to not being able to cope with them any longer at home? I had to do this last year when my son was 17. Glen who has ASD and learning and behavio...
Jeanne61 | Last answer
I can't handle all of my lifes responsibilites on my own, and wanted to delegate the legal responsiblity of being a guardian to my father again. i'm 38, and he has agreed as long as i can handle my own finances. we can't afford a lawye...
gudop | Last answer
My brother has been in state care for most of his life my mom and dad couldn't take care of him. The lady who has had him for many years ,doesn't like me talking to anyone about my brother and is mad because I have asked that they gi...
dollyn | Last answer
What are your plans on valentines day?
pbbsmommy | Last answer
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