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I'm 18 and worried about Congestive Heart Failure , shortness of breath for the past 40 days? it all started with me getting this type of ( panic attack ) 40 days ago while i was lying on my bed getting ready to fall asleep when i re...
jassem22 | Last comment
Ive been struggling with these wierd symptoms for 3 years now its ruining my every day life these are the symptoms unbalenced legs head shaky hands difficulty talking some times nervousness is this a more serious problem or a anxiety nee...
Cal_777 | Posted
I have been struggling with anxiety for about 2 months now and have slowly started to become more house bound...I cant seem to go out in public anymore because im afraid of having more panic attacks...It all started when I was smoking ma...
newportttttttt | Last answer
I like to stay at home. When I go out I am not especially anxious, I just want to do what I have to and go home have had depression for 20 years. Presently on cymbalta 60mg qd. When I get out to see people I do enjoy myself, but when the...
pinknblue | Last answer
I feel like such a mucked up person. I have had anxiety, panic attacks, GAD and fear of vomiting since late childhood. Recently i have realized i think i have agoraphobia as well- avoid travel with others incase i get sick and cannot esc...
liveforsun | Last answer
I was wondering is it normal to fear almost "everything" if you are depressed? For example, if one of my family members goes in for surgery - I immediately panic but say nothing to them; or if they are going on a trip again panic sets in...
LadyFingers07 | Last answer
is there one? would love to find one.
asailorswife | Last answer
Hi, could someone please give me the rundown on what exactly agoraphobia is? Thank you!
Viki1 | Last answer
I first realized I had agoraphobia in college. I lived with 3 other roommates but I never left my room because I couldn't see or talk to anyone. I absolutely hated walking to class. I even lied and made up excuses to the teachers because...
freemysoul | Last answer
hi, I hope someone can help me. I really want to be able to help my brother who is agoraphobic and suffers severe anxiety attacks too. He has been receiving counselling but it doesn't appear to be helping much. He has been this way for 2...
catwalters | Posted
I have been suffering with severe morning anxiety for 5 years. It's like there is an internal clock which wakes me up the same time every day. I immediately start shaking as well as crying. Anyone else experience this daily problem?
Paraquack | Last answer
Please help
stuck77 | Last answer
I have been suffering with panic disorder and agoraphobia for 4 years now. I have been housebound for most of it. I cant take the anti-depressants due to bad side effects. I take 25 mg Hydroxyzine at night to help sleep. It takes the egd...
Betz1217 | Last answer
I suffer from agoraphobia for 7 years now it came out of nowhere and destroyed my life.I get diarrhea and dizzy when im at grocery store or at doctor apt etc .feel trapped.I get panic attacks worrying about getting a panic attack! When ...
nogoodtubes | Last answer
Hey Everyone, I am trying to write a feature film about a character suffering from agoraphobia. The film will also contain characters suffering from all kinds of phobias. I am trying to get testimonials from people that are going thr...
foefeature | Last answer
I have taken Clonazepam 2 mg 2-3 times daily for many years. My new psychiatrist took me totally off Clonazepam and switched me to Ativan 1 mg 3 times daily. I think he made too drastic of a change. I am having withdrawal symptoms and ...
chuck001972 | Last answer
Hi, I was wondering if there are more people that no longer suffer from panic attacks, but used to. From probably around 2011 I began having massive panic attacks in the car and in public spaces. It started out of nowhere and without...
Helena788 | Last answer
Hello Everyone After many years of suffering Anxiety/Depression/Panic Attacks ive now become fearful of using public transport..i feel a panic attack coming over me at the very thought of using a bus or coach and i cant bring myself to...
jsimmo | Last answer
Sorry, but the forum automatically put me in with this agoraphobia group. It is not necessarily related. I began meditation through martial arts and used it as a general part of my life. I have been doing it for years due to the many ben...
Arcon | Posted
I was recently diagnosed with Panic disorder and Agrophobia. I've been living and struggling through this since I was a teenanger. I have an appointment the first of next month to hopefully get on some medication. I am in therepy but I d...
winglessbutterfly | Last answer
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