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This patient support community is for loved ones of people who drink and are trying to quit for discussions relating to abuse, behavioral issues, caring for yourself, counseling, divorce and separation, enabling, guilt, and when to get medical help.

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I'm trying so much to help my partner but fear I may be enabling him with this behaviour. Recently taking on board the fact this is a disease and he needs help. He's not a bad drunk and recognises that he has problems and is getting the...
Nival | Last answer
So im 29 years old and have been married to my husband for 6 years. He has three boys from a previous marriage which we have full custody of and they call me mom because im the mom that pretty much raised them they were 2 4 and 6 now 9 1...
melissa3167 | Last answer
Does anyone here know about ammonia levels? My ex was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday. He was confused and disoriented. His ammonia level was 152. After lots of the heavy-duty laxatives, he is definitely cleaned out. His ammonia leve...
Tinker35 | Last comment
She is such a wonderful person when she is not drunk. But she drinks every day after work and comes home late. When I complain she vows never to stop. What should I Do?
hopefulugandan | Last answer
My partner had previously had problems with alcohol before meeting me. We met in 2008 and he was on disilfurum at the time. He went off of this after a few months as he thought he could handle drinking again. As I'd only just met him I d...
Catt_l | Last answer
my mother is an alcoholic, i think she has been for a long time. i really want to help her, but i have problems sensing emotions and/or what's going on. she might be going into a rehab program soon and she has been attending aa. she seem...
dreaming_ghosty | Last answer
My wife of nine years has been drinking for two years now and has become a severe alcoholic I've done everything I can to help her get her life back it's affected our children our marriage my job just our overall life and I know there's ...
EdwardPerez | Last answer
I am new to this discussion forum. I am trying to find out if my wife is an alchoholic or not. Just yesterday I mentioned to her that she might have a drinking problem and that I would support her if she never wanted to drink again in ...
newbbie | Last answer
Hello everyone I´ve been with my boyfriend for over a year though we´ve known each other for ever as he was my first boyfriend when we were teenagers (we´re in our 40s now). The thing is, I´ve only recently come to realize he is an alco...
Loreley43 | Last answer
My girlfriend and I are compatible on just about every level. Most of our arguements have come from times where she has drank too much, ignored calls/texts only to be out at a bar. She drives home drunk and comes home smashed, usually ...
GDel2005 | Last answer
My spouse and I have been together for 4 1/2 years now. When we first started dating, we had no issues concerning his drinking, until after her turned 21. Ever since he turned 21, he has drank every single day, and he is now 24. I for a ...
Jessie_girl | Last answer
I recently broke up with my girlfriend who admits she thinks she has a drinking problem. I am not the biggest drinker myself, and the most I will drink at a party is 3 pints usually, unless I was with her than that number might go up to...
Thisislife36 | Last answer
My boyfriend was destroyed by a girl some years ago. He turned to drinking and pills. When we met we lived in different states and every time i visited it was like a drunk fest, for both of us. I found out he was using pills too. Well a...
carlie78 | Last answer
I'm so glad there is place like this where there are people who understand this terrible disease. My brother lived with me and was an alcoholic. He died recently this past August from end stage liver failure at the age of 57. I'm hav...
john_jpd | Last answer
I've been married 32 years. I have four children. My second son is 29 and he is addicted to pot, pain pills, and who knows what. He has caused nothing but conflict and heartache since he was 15 yrs. old. My husband keeps helping him ...
justme1119 | Last answer
Hi there. I've been w/ my bf for 1.5yrs. He's only 22, I'm 24. I know before he met me he drank a lottttt but it calmed down when we got together. When I started dating him we would go out and have fun but it wasn't anything to worry abo...
RetroRev | Last answer
I have been married for 5 years.. been with my husband 7.. HE likes to drink. He works, provides and isn't abusive.. but when he is not working and off for a day or 2 he chooses to start dinking and not stop till he is falling down drunk...
ravenelisa | Last answer
My girlfriend and I have been together close to 4 years now. We are both long-haul truck drivers, we drive together as a team. A couple years ago she started having a "nightcap" after her shift, one or two drinks to help her sleep. Since...
Truckingeek | Last answer
How do I know when it is time to stop trying to make my marriage work? I have 3 children ages 12, 10 and almost 2. My husband seems to always choose drinking over me and my children. He is not physically abusive, I just feel like we are ...
lynda544 | Last answer
So, I'm new here and don't know much about alcoholism except that I'm worried that my husband is going to get sick someday from his drinking. He smokes a pack a day and drinks anywhere from 7 or 8 beers to 20 (extreme nights) if he's alo...
Michelle0120 | Last answer
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