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This patient support community is for loved ones of people who drink and are trying to quit for discussions relating to abuse, behavioral issues, caring for yourself, counseling, divorce and separation, enabling, guilt, and when to get medical help.

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I am married about a year now I'm 29 and so is my husband. I only came to the realisation that he was an alcoholic about 6 months ago when I walked into my living room and he was choking on his own vomit, if I didn't happen to walk in at...
Kelstar84 | Last answer
I have been with my boyfriend for almost 3 years, we're engaged and live together. We love each other very much. He also loves to drink beer. I believe he's an alcoholic, he doesn't. He can drink 9 beers on a Wednesday night no problem...
VeronikIzabel | Last answer
Did you lose time with someone because you couldn't be around them at all when they were drinking?
CRSeaside | Last answer
My husband normally drinks about 120-140 cans of beer every 3 days. due to some unforeseen circumstances, he was unable to purchase any beer, he has now been sober for about 5 days, the first couple he had the sweats, shakes and ext...
tootslarue | Last answer
I just found out I was 6 weeks pregnant. My boyfriend drinks on a daily basis and sometimes if he gets really drunk, he'll pass out on the floor or even in public places. If we do get in arguments, he says things that are rude and acts b...
tpl1993 | Last answer
My wife and I have been married since 1992, and we have three children together. We are college sweethearts, and have been through a lot together. Both her parents have since passed away, her mom from an illness and her dad had from a ...
PRT0009 | Last answer
I have a beautiful very lost 34 year old daughter that is being eaten up with alcohol. She lives with my Dad and he is enabling her. I can't pull her away or convince her that she needs help. She had to be put in a coma a month ago be...
shortcakesmum | Last answer
been married to my wife for almost 3yrs. she is totally"fine"for months on end, ..then with one bit too much, maybe a day out, kid free, on a friends boat, and 3 glasses of chardonnay...she is way over and ready to go home! of course I...
trav315 | Last answer
I am 41 years old. My husband of 16 years left this morning for a 5 week treatment program for alcohol abuse (first time.) We have two children, girl almost 19, and son, almost 13. We quit drinking 13 years ago after a alcohol fueled fig...
klew72 | Last answer
My dad is quite ill, I think. He had a 'nervous breakdown' about 8 years ago and has been on anti-pyschotic medication ever since then. He smokes around 80 roll-up cigarettes a day. He drinks one bottle of red wine every day and about on...
vicky403 | Last answer
Once I found out I was having a girl I made arrangements to move back home away from my husband. He's an alcoholic. He cheated on me. At that time we were married 10yrs and I was just done. It's now a year later. He accumulated 2 DUIs an...
StephRox13 | Last answer
My husband is an alcoholic and we (my two children and me) can't take it anymore! I have tried to stick by him for more than 10 years now. About two years ago he was hospitalized for pancreatitis. He ended up losing his job and our house...
mommiesluv13 | Last answer
My wife , I believe is in complete denial . Thats why I think I need to get help to figure out how to handle the situation . Does Al-Anon deal with the non-drinking partner in a situation when its at the point of extreme seriousness ?
johnnyc916 | Last answer
After all these years of living in hell with an alcoholic and all its horrible memories, I have realized it is worse than that. I believe I am married to a Physcopath or some other disorder similiar to it. I searched and read many site...
ineedhelp321 | Last answer
Hi there. my partner who I adore deinks because he is under so much work pressure, and he wont talk to me about it. Please help
Tazharley | Last answer
We have been divorced since 2004. I let him back in one year later stating he was going to change! Ha..Ha. He is disrupting my life by his drinking. I have had enough! He stays out late, comes home drunk, then cooks in the kitchen ...
silsal626 | Last answer
I don't know if this is the place to post this but is there like a such thing as filing.for divorce because he's a drunk? If any from SC knows how much it is to file or where to even go. Any information would help. Thanks ladies :/
ashleyarenas | Last answer
After detoxifying my ggt level dropped from 854 to 158 in a months time due to medication and diets advised by my doctor. I need to reduce it further down to within normal acceptable range within a week. please advise.
bharat417 | Posted
Seems like a strange question coming from me since I'm a Christian. I should know how to let go of the bad feelings. I know I should give it to God, etc. and I try but I think I have so much buried in me that I don't even realize until i...
April2 | Last answer
my husband is an alcoholic that cheated on me for six months last year while working out of town. I freaked, and took him back right away. he's continued to drink, and now he's working out of town again. im so paranoid its going to happe...
sober_wife | Last answer
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