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This community is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people who drink and are trying to quit. The forum covers topics ranging from Health Issues, How to Quit, Reasons to Quit, Relapse Prevention, Friend and Family Support.

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By Mat789
With all the evidence about "Asian flush" being linked to cancer, high blood pressure etc, should those with this con...
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Jacker11 hours
BarbDMay 21
By jysb88
This is my first post so bear with me as I try to get what's in my head onto the screen... I am 26 years old and have...
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JackerMay 18
By Kreepieman21
My husband is 54,and has been drinking for the ten years I've known him. He never wants to go anywhere with me and hi...
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rumrnr78May 16
JackerApr 16
WndyleeApr 14
BBBellaDec 15, 2015
By Tinker35 Blank
My kids are at the ER tonight with their dad (my ex). He has been a severe alcoholic for 20+ years and was diagnosed ...
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jennjin2May 16
jennjin2May 16
willbe2020Dec 10, 2015
Kikikat13Aug 25, 2015
bobbi3371Apr 10, 2015
By Ginny4344 Blank
My husband is an alcoholic and has a very strong unpleasant body odor that consumes the room and his clothing. Is th...
189069 tn?1323405738
JackerMay 10
wvgal08May 09
ibizanBlankAug 24, 2015
DeputymmillerAug 23, 2015
BarbieBellJun 28, 2013
By babypooh Blank
Hello, My husband is an alcoholic. We've been together for 7 years, married 4. He was a recovering alcoholic when ...
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fkyouMay 12
17mthssober275May 30, 2013
OpenMind24hoursMay 22, 2013
By hkpinkdiamond Blank
I've been court ordered to use a breathalyzer device called Soberlink.I was wondering if anyone has also used it or k...
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JackerMay 10
tiny6612Jun 03, 2014
geneandethanMar 25, 2013
By paranoidyahoo Blank
Hi everyone. I was wondering about ETG testing. I have read on-line that the detections period is 80 hours, but s...
535294 tn?1219933712
slackertMay 05
Kikikat13Aug 25, 2015
izzyxxNov 05, 2008
Suzyq0826Jun 17, 2008
JackerJun 16, 2008
By Suzyq0826 Blank
My husband is 50 years old and a severe alcoholic, while we've been together for three years, he has been drinking he...
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JackerMay 04
ChokokonMay 03
JackerApr 29
By Steveott Blank
I am 20 years old. I drink with my friends socially about once every two weeks. Last week I got really drunk (which I...
3226698 tn?1346452688
henzpaMay 02
CleverKDec 03, 2015
JGOODMANOct 04, 2012
Nighthawk61Sep 27, 2012
rpoooAug 31, 2012
By Sharo321 Blank
Hello, I would like to know can someone be IMMUNE to alcohol? I know a lady that can drink more than 12 ozs. of EVERC...
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By Doozer00
I've been on a downward spiral the last 9 months hitting it hard 2 cases a week and good beer to boot plus when I go ...
17874386 tn?1461046565
JackerApr 19
By SiriuslyGem
So I was out last night with my brother and his partner, I remember everything (mostly) about what was said in the pu...
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By Manyprisms
(Warning, LONG) Quick bio...I am a 49 year old female, two grown identical twin boys, and grandmother to 3 girls, on...
3200158 tn?1386596317
ExPat2013Dec 05, 2013
kkcopaceticNov 28, 2013
ROSYouralrightNov 28, 2013
ibizanBlankNov 28, 2013
By kkcopacetic Blank
No question, just a comment......need to touch base occasionally with my alcoholic/addict brothers and sisters....on ...
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By longtermdiabetic
i am an insulin dependent diabetic for the last forty years. My diet is healthy, I am active ( I exercise at least tw...
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By sheldonth Blank
Why would I continue a cycle that means my immenent destruction, with an alcoholic who as this cycle goes full circle...
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i41agreeApr 05
JackerApr 01
ibizanBlankApr 01
By Supersonic68
I quit drinking a week and a half ago from being a pretty regular drinker for a long time. I am having very uncomfo...
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i41agreeApr 05
ibizanBlankFeb 26
By worrier42424
Heavy drinker. Had 6 weeks off at the beginning of the year and then fell off the wagon and had it run over me. 10 da...
758077 tn?1282599161
sheilah1Mar 31
IrishAntzJun 07, 2015
Fm1226Feb 03, 2015
TigerworldOct 25, 2014
Vicdaddy87Jul 15, 2014
By peaches84 Blank
Hey guys.. I have been having a very bad reaction to alcohol all day. I am a weekend drinking, not always binge drin...
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