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I recently went to a naturopath for some anxiety issues that I have. I didn't feel like they were major but were enough to at least see what someone thought. I wasn't really interested in prescription meds either because, again, I don't ...
ViPeRx007 | Last answer
I am allergic to nuts (anaphylactic) and eggs, which means I have to worry about what's in a lot of things before I eat them. I double check whenever I'm out but every time I am reassured that there are no allergens, my body and mind are...
d4n4bg1 | Last answer
Hello! I have a situation at hand and I can't quite figure it out. In the past four years I have had two extreme allergic reactions. The first time, when I was 16, I ended up in and out of the hospital in France for 3 days. I was swoll...
raeearbevveb | Last answer
Hi there, We went out for dinner a week ago, I always have Oysters for entrée and this time was no different. But after I ate 2, I felt a bit giddy and nauseas and stopped. Next day I noted I have a rash over my neck, chest and uppe...
Smiley2000 | Last answer
So my son has several food allergies. But he continues to eat things that causes him to break out. His skin is so bad that the damage is on his back leg thighs and palm of hands. He doesn't understand that it can only get worse. Sometime...
EMOTIONALx2 | Last answer
Anyone ever heard of this? Over the past two years I have gone through 3 major diet changes to try and determine what is causing me so much pain. Severe stomach cramps, joint/muscle pain and muscle weakness, severe dizzyness, chest pai...
tropicalsoul | Last answer
I have OAS , im allergic to almost every fruit and vegetable raw, once cooked i can eat them. I am also allergic to any nuts raw or cooked including almonds. The veggies I can eat raw are lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions everythin...
Manonlinehan | Last answer
Would taking a benadryl prior to a meal or with a meal that contain the offending food prevent diarrhea the following day?
Tatin109 | Last answer
I dont know why but every spring and summer i get there ring worm look alike tiny rings all over my face on top of that my hands and feet have blisters everywhere sometime the blisters have clear fluid inside some times they have multipl...
yepyep1029876 | Posted
Allergy test came back I not allergic to anything. Milk, soy, and peanut I tested allergic to years ago. Dr. gave me inhalers I allergic, too. If I have been avoiding these foods strictly for last 5 months will it show up on the test as ...
crappydaylady | Last answer
Is anyone else allergic to caffeine like I am? I break out instantly in acne and my heart beats extremely fast.
Dejableu252 | Last answer
I'm sensitive to histamine and I'm using a dietary supplement for a long time. It makes my life so easy because I can go out without being worried or stuff like that. I can eat everything, doesn't matter if it's histamine rich or not. I ...
masterblogger | Posted
My upper lip has swollen from past 5 months...I went through lot of treatment .if I will not continue medicine for 1day ...again it's getting swell .pls help me here :( very much upset for this...and for medicines I m putting weight ... ...
Bibita0403 | Last answer
Hello I have been having really soft diarrhea like stools for the past three weeks. Even though I eat really well, I lift weights and run at least 3-4 to four times a week. I feel no pain in my stomach or anything and I feel really healt...
HRoman | Last answer
I have a problem I call my random food allergy. Once in a while, as I'm eating, I'll realize that my jawline is starting to tingle/itch. That will be followed by my face swelling and turning red, hives inside my cheek popping up, nose...
IndolentCin | Last answer
when i drink alcohol or coffee my throats starts to have mucus frequently
GIVENhub | Last answer
I have had a major allergy issue. I started out with chronic yeast infections that have never gone away. It escalated to severe itching under my breasts and on the base of my scalp by my neck. I then started getting little sores in my he...
TEB78 | Posted
My daughter gets a rash on her face when she eats spaghetti sauce and sometimes pizza and salsa. It's a raised pinkish red rash and itches and burns. Sometimes its on her legs.I have no idea what she is allergic to since there are so ma...
Mlc41 | Last answer
About a month ago I had an allergic reaction to squash. I was visiting a friend and did not have access to any anti-hystamines. My past squash incondent wasn't as severe but I could feel my throat getting tight. The person I was staying ...
juliakemble | Last answer
First off, if I never have another drop of beer again it's not that big of a deal. However, I do enjoy a nice cold one very now and again, I'm 52 and have been drinking beer socially for as long as I can remember with no health problems....
Catman62 | Last answer
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