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hi guys i live in malaysia. i search lot of product regards skin care autoimmune system type. i try to find the grape seed extract and cq10 in pharmacy.. too many of them. how to ensure which is which have higher quality for us to consum...
seimeinokigen | Last answer
This is a severe allergy and I wondering could it be passed down to my baby from me being allergic to it?
AquariusMom15 | Last answer
To give some background - I have always had stomach problems. As a child I was frequently constipated and had regular stomach upsets. In college I would regularly feel very sick, and I had rashes near my elbows on my arms, and my eyes ...
alexsophie | Last answer
I have major stomach bloating every day. Here is what a typical day looks like: the first photo was taken at night before bed and the "after" one in the morning (less than 10 hours later). I wasn't purposely sticking my stomach out or su...
Jane_1 | Last answer
I once had a piece of deep fried shrimp. Deep fried foods do not bother me. After eating just one small piece of the shrimp I had an extreme pain in my chest similar to the feeling of heartburn. It lasted for several hours and antaci...
basf2273 | Last answer
I am a 41 year old woman. I have never had a food allergy in my life and there are almost no allergies on either side of my family. In March, I started getting hives mostly at night and an occassional swelling on my lips. I suffere...
migirlfriday | Last answer
Within the last 3 months I have developed an allergy to nickel and cobalt. I am almost 100% sure it is as a result of taking this vitamin. I want to know if there are any links between nickel allergies and gluten allergies as now I am al...
tvanderpool | Posted
I have been struggling with weight loss for the past 4 years I have really been trying to eat more healthy and get more active but I have also been struggling with not having any energy I work nights I work 4 days a week 10 hour shifts a...
shaelove | Posted
A dermatologists diagnosed me with bAlsam of Peru contact allergy. I have been eating the foods restricted on the diet. Should I be staying away from them or does this mean that I won't necessarily be allergic to the foods on the list. T...
otto12 | Posted
Does anyone else have a severe allergy to Oranges or anything else citrus?! I have been severely allergic for years and I seem like the only one... It's hard because citrus is almost in EVERYTHING and makes it difficult to eat healthy a...
MultitaskMomma | Posted
I've been gluten free for over a decade (celiac) but just now found out I have a rice allergy as well. Anyone who is GF knows that almost everything is rice based. I was just wondering if anyone knew any brands of bread that are GF but...
cnoevl21 | Posted
I'm unsure if I have had an egg reaction or intolerance to egg or either. Please help!? There was a period of roughly 2-3 months where I hadn't had eaten any eggs and one day I had breakfast made for me. Scrambled eggs, my favorite, but ...
M3L14 | Last answer
Hey over the last few years i have started to notice some food i eat cause allergic reaction. Eating something like Hummus will cause me to itch like crazy till i take a allergy pill someone told me i can get a test done which w...
montydiesel | Last answer
I Just had for allergy scratch skin test and it came up with several diffident allergies one of them is eggs but yet I eat my chicken noodle soup that has egg ingredients in it. and nothing has happened to me.. I deathly afraid of having...
lpjay | Last answer
I have what appear to be allergic reactions but have been diagnosed as not having allergies. My allergist/immunologist cannot find anything I am actually allergic to. When I eat certain foods, I come out in a blotchy rash and sweat. ...
Mistyz464 | Last answer
Has MedHelp helped you improve your health using our trackers, apps or communities? Would you like to share your story with others? We'd love to hear it! If you're interested, please email immedhelphealthy[at]gmail[dot]com and give us yo...
MH Community Mgr | Posted
For many years now I have avoided drinking due to the ongoing hangover type symptoms that carry on for up to 4 days. For example, if I drink on Saturday night (small amounts, say 5 beers max), I don't feel too bad the next day but Monda...
splatty | Last answer
Hi! My name is Marina and I'm 21 years old. I have never drink a lot of alcohol but I've tried many alcoholic drinks. What I notice is that it seems to me I have vodka and tequila intolerance. I can drink whiskey for example 100 - 200 ml...
MsMarinaHr | Last answer
My son has been burping a lot. I took him to his ped who said he was too young for allergy testing. I found out that this was not the case and I am taking him to an allergiest next week. I am trying to find as much info out as I can so ...
wendysculy | Last answer
Hi, I was dx Hashimoto's in January this year and an alternative nutritionist diagnosed me with dairy intolerance. She recommended I drink rice milk, almond milk and lactose-free milk to relieve my symptoms. However, I have since been...
Mynx537 | Last answer
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