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This patient support community is for discussions relating to airbourne allergies, eye allergies, shots, anaphylaxis, asthma, children's allergies, hives, insect stings, rhinitis, sinuses, and allergies to drugs, foods, and pets.

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Edskins51 hour
Daanish74Sep 03, 2015
Experienced_ItAug 30, 2015
druleJul 04, 2015
By sonygirl256 Blank
I've had aquagenic urticaria for 2 yrs now and where I live the doctor told me I am the only one that has this in the...
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Alwasson15 hours
NikkiCaudillSep 05, 2014
amberna11Mar 24, 2014
fallinstar32Mar 23, 2014
PsiharisOct 30, 2012
By looking4insight Blank
What is the current practice or tests that are requested for patients who suffer from Idiopathic Angioedema, but have...
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OrganicGardenerJul 15, 2015
FurballsMomJul 25, 2009
By amenashe Blank
I recently had a severe skin allergic reaction to something in my yard. Similar to a poison ivy but was not. My reg...
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By snoweel
my son got some scraps on his elbow knee and stomach. ghe has peanut tree nut allergies can i use neosporin on his w...
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ArtylrJun 28
ArtylrJun 28
ArtylrJun 28
DebindiMay 04
DebindiMay 04
By jerry1957 Blank
I have been smelling exhaust fumes where none exist for about 2 weeks now. I can be in the shower or laying in bed an...
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Cld123Oct 31, 2013
aouroraDec 02, 2012
dap325634Aug 07, 2012
dap325634Aug 07, 2012
roots54Jul 12, 2012
By ms_science_teach Blank
I was recently diagnosed with Cytomegalovirus (CMV). I have read up on the virus to educate myself but there is still...
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By nococo
I had my first allergic reaction to a monocot nut when I was a child. My reaction was classic tongue and lips burning...
17008456 tn?1467253101
By Macbot
I'm 21 years old and have had this since i was 17. My feet occasionally burn itch and swell up when i shower. I've tr...
Avatar n tn
By mhwmhw Blank
Has anyone ever heard of people being allergic to people? Well it is ruining my life and wondered if anyone knew any...
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scowieJun 26
Jenni2362Mar 20
lauradoraFeb 21
Jenni2362Feb 16
By Simpleman74 Blank
Sorry the topic is not right. But closest I could find for polyester and some other allergens cause skin eruptions. I...
179332 tn?1273250959
Tawnya59May 11
ANoydAmINov 23, 2015
By Deeds Blank
I've been going thru quite a time - turning up allergic to 5 BP meds as of today... scared to take next one prescribe...
Avatar m tn
Cmami25Jun 24
DrandresAug 03, 2015
DianaSheaJul 18, 2014
DianaSheaJul 18, 2014
socrchik30Dec 12, 2012
By birdboy Blank
When I was 19 years old, I had my first outbreak of hives (about 70% of my body) while recovering from an operation t...
18658365 tn?1466703755
By sickmonkey
My maxillary sinus been spasming on both sides every once in a while and my eyelids get hazy and itch and spasming.M...
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JaxieRubyJun 23
Verr3Jun 21
Rose642Mar 18
By Lomrie089 Blank
Recently i've discovered certain alcoholic beverages trigger severe heart pain. It feels like extreme fatigue in the ...
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Jay02184Mar 28
joni27Feb 06
RoesJun 18, 2015
RoesJun 18, 2015
By cheeny Blank
Is it possible to be allergic to your own hair? My hair brings out a rash on my face and neck where it touches. This ...
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"sir,my name is rahil.r .my IGE level in blood is 1050.In cold weather i have sneezing & frequently running nose.sir ...
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By bessisamess
I just bought a couple of bras designed by a Canadian company, but, made in China. I have had a reaction to them. It...
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albanhykaJun 21
j1565417Jan 02
SteelxDec 14, 2015
PatsyCurrinOct 15, 2015
LindyLeahJul 09, 2015
By racha64 Blank
I am acutely sensitive to cold air conditioner. The effects are immediate and the colder the air the worse things are...
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RonCWJun 21
investitApr 12
ArtogamiJan 21
musicasOct 09, 2015
Cas2G13Jun 01, 2015
By canyonview Blank
I don't usually have any trouble eating either chicken or turkey BUT, sometimes probably if I'm eating it too quickl...
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captrohitJun 21
BeerBoyApr 01, 2014
souljaboyAug 18, 2008
Dr Smitha Mathews Aug 18, 2008
souljaboyAug 18, 2008
By souljaboy Blank
I have tried different types of alcoholic beverages and each time I get some type of allergic reaction. My forearms ...
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