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This patient support community is for discussions relating to airbourne allergies, eye allergies, shots, anaphylaxis, asthma, children's allergies, hives, insect stings, rhinitis, sinuses, and allergies to drugs, foods, and pets.

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By CherylNVP
I started gaining weight for no reason and remembered I had 2 steroid shots in a 6 month period. How long will this...
Avatar n tn
Salwa2016Apr 06
Dilbert1001Dec 04, 2015
Dilbert1001Nov 20, 2015
By gcmx Blank
I have been experiencing the same thing for about a week or so--smell cigarette smoke when no smoke exists. Thought i...
Avatar f tn
By Jeniffer101
My son suffers from a few allergies and am trying all means by cleaning the house regulary,changing his sheets.I have...
Avatar n tn
Rocki21zxMay 20
cbromleyMar 12
irmagolJan 11
Muhammed_WilsonDec 26, 2015
Mrs_NAUJul 13, 2015
By Sean'smom Blank
For the past couple of months, I have been experiencing feeling of pins and needles on different areas of body. It d...
Avatar f tn
keesha120Jun 11
LeaneyeMar 13, 2013
PrivateGuy10111Sep 19, 2012
BhumikaMDMar 25, 2008
By snapteach Blank
My daughter is now having quite severe upper left chest pain after taking medication for the relief of menstrual cram...
Avatar m tn
By ibmrad
what further advice
Avatar m tn
By jasonleon
My mom was bit by a lonestar tick (female, with the white dot) last night, I am VERY worried in regards to her develo...
Avatar n tn
JenyfwrOct 29, 2015
GmaJeanJan 10, 2015
By Catherine145 Blank
I recently bought a Victoria Secret padded demi bra. I am also dieting so when my top began to itch I originally ass...
Avatar n tn
cheeto533May 20
LkahekiliApr 04
stainyMar 25
By ifeeldoomed Blank
I had read that someone had a similar problem to mine. Within a few minutes of entering a room, people begin coughing...
Avatar m tn
By Sachin137
Dear Sir, I am facing one allergic problem due to AC. When i will go to any hall or room where AC is working. afte...
Avatar n tn
DaMan305Jun 09
suffererhelperMar 15, 2015
suffererhelperMar 15, 2015
pootsminionFeb 15, 2015
RedskikkJun 16, 2014
By crystalgray01 Blank
I have been having problems with mu sinuses for a year now and its completely affected my life, I am afraid of social...
Avatar n tn
bosethbNov 07, 2013
bosethbNov 07, 2013
kvirdinDec 10, 2012
By xenakis Blank
I'm just wondering, has anyone out there been diagnosed with any allergies that caused generalized excessive sweating...
Avatar n tn
rxpharmaJun 09
stevn5478Dec 26, 2012
Dr Rajput Nov 15, 2010
purpzNov 05, 2010
By ctflowers Blank
A friend & I went out for lunch today. I asked for decaf. coffee & had 1 cup...everything was fine. Then I got a se...
Avatar n tn
rxpharmaJun 09
brian_bbFeb 07
alissa422Jan 18
By PN904 Blank
I am a non-smoker. We are a non-smoking family. I am not around smokers at all. Why do I have the constant smell of s...
Avatar f tn
Glw9663Jun 08
CarlieKSep 09, 2014
ArlaMayApr 23, 2014
dcdh61Nov 04, 2013
Paderla Anitha, DNB  Oct 31, 2013
By dcdh61 Blank
I had ACDF surgery on C4/5 - C5/6 on 10/16/2013 and continue to have major problems. My C3/4 has spontaneously fused...
Avatar f tn
NplunkitJun 08
bbellhairMay 10
masterbloggerDec 07, 2015
helloworld48Nov 28, 2015
By kitkat777 Blank
Literally overnight back in January my allergies changed. One day I was fine, the next day I woke up with a huge swol...
Avatar f tn
Jenny1452Jun 08
kasagnesApr 26
hellokrishnaDec 23, 2015
deboliteJul 16, 2015
By MissyP123 Blank
My son (14) has a IGE level of 33,000 - he has severe eczema, asthma and many allergies. We did have a specialist ex...
Avatar n tn
lravenJun 06
llrascalApr 24
llrascalApr 22
ChriBNov 20, 2015
By kr4st Blank
Allergic to titanium? I have had three knee replacements, one a cement/antibiotic one. I am in constant pain and my l...
Avatar n tn
Is4964Jun 06
KerteishaMay 26
Zee123ZeeMay 25
katie0825May 11
By Karoru Blank
I am 18 years old, and I have never been allergic to anything in my life. As part of my nightly routine, I've always ...
Avatar m tn
By ElizabethGS
Hi, For the last few day's I've been experiencing hives all over my body. It all started when I found this quarter si...
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