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This patient support community is for discussions relating to airbourne allergies, eye allergies, shots, anaphylaxis, asthma, children's allergies, hives, insect stings, rhinitis, sinuses, and allergies to drugs, foods, and pets.

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Salwa2016Apr 06
Dilbert1001Dec 04, 2015
Dilbert1001Nov 20, 2015
Dilbert1001Nov 20, 2015
By gcmx Blank
I have been experiencing the same thing for about a week or so--smell cigarette smoke when no smoke exists. Thought i...
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IngenuousJun 30, 2010
Dr. Kokil Mathur Feb 19, 2009
By nishma Blank
Iam 32 yr female from india. For the last seven years my aso titre is on the higher end i.e in between 250 to 500. In...
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JejenApr 05
Ceri23Mar 01
JejenJan 05
JejenJan 05
jazzdollNov 06, 2015
By Craig901 Blank
I was recently diognosed with hives. I had symtoms the following day after recieving a flu shot. Do you think the flu...
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By ifeeldoomed Blank
I had read that someone had a similar problem to mine. Within a few minutes of entering a room, people begin coughing...
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Dr Rajput Feb 10, 2011
By paran1976 Blank
Dear Dr's, I am aged 34 years, recently i went for a medical check up In which My sgot is 51 and sgpt is 66 & S...
496771 tn?1209698358
apedoggMar 17
adniljMar 17
BigZeusMar 16
BigZeusMar 16
By nataboo9 Blank
Hi, I just dyed my hair the other day at an Aveda salon. My hair line is extremely swollen and painful and the glan...
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By abshaon
i am abubakar, im from working in power plant.My Billirubin (total) 0.70 mg/dl ALT (SGPT) 201 U/L. N...
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Jay02184Mar 28
joni27Feb 06
RoesJun 18, 2015
RoesJun 18, 2015
min8Mar 04, 2015
By cheeny Blank
Is it possible to be allergic to your own hair? My hair brings out a rash on my face and neck where it touches. This ...
Avatar m tn
TeddyCanMar 04
TeddyCanMar 04
R_17Feb 28
BeansNMJan 09
By nuclearpowerpants Blank
Hi, I have severe allergies and the resulting nasal congestion and asthma makes it very hard for me to sleep at night...
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LastlivinghippieJan 16, 2012
Dr. Kokil Mathur Feb 27, 2009
By bearcub87 Blank
I have noticed that every time i consume a form of carbonated drink, i.e. body cannot cope with it very we...
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Demara907Mar 25
LyLyMomFeb 19, 2015
zoe865Jan 26, 2013
zoe865Jan 26, 2013
By breasmommy Blank
My 3-yr-old developed hives all over her body last Wednesday. They continue to get worse each day and seem to last lo...
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prncbnlMar 25
BernardvirajSep 13, 2015
UddalokAug 06, 2015
Dr. Kokil Mathur May 24, 2011
bsmslMay 19, 2011
By man070384 Blank
My SGOT and SGPT ranges are 1645 and 1410 respectively.serum bilirubin is 8.5. Is it just jaundice or should i go in ...
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LollyclemMar 25
ejinphoenixAug 06, 2014
charleyp81May 28, 2013
kitt67Feb 07, 2013
By karen2222 Blank
I just wanted to say how much I understand what you are all going through. I have been to every doctor possible. I w...
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By Lomrie089 Blank
Recently i've discovered certain alcoholic beverages trigger severe heart pain. It feels like extreme fatigue in the ...
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Laxer04Mar 25
jceaeMar 22
ChefG007Mar 18
bhribsekMar 17
GiseletomMar 14
By Cole479 Blank
Hello- Recently I developed these little bumps on my body that are incredibly itchy. The first one I noticed was ...
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geminigirl1963Apr 12, 2012
tschockBlankApr 12, 2012
By teddybears4ever2 Blank
I am highly allergic to blueberries. I can't even be in the same room as someone who is eating or drinking anything....
179332 tn?1273250959
ANoydAmINov 23, 2015
DungaryDollNov 19, 2015
Gran42Oct 15, 2015
purplefloorJul 31, 2015
By Deeds Blank
I've been going thru quite a time - turning up allergic to 5 BP meds as of today... scared to take next one prescribe...
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Adii333Mar 24
Dr. Kokil Mathur Jul 16, 2009
By Sani2008 Blank
I am allergic to fish. It has not been confirmed by testing but I have noticed rush in my mouth and throat several ti...
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rushabh26Mar 23
Bhupinder Kaur, MD Apr 25, 2011
trdofbeingtrdJan 16, 2011
By topsail Blank
i have been swimming for two months now, then i go into a sauna. recently i came down with a red and ichy scrotum. ...
539694 tn?1434569547
By Delusion
I am including this in a couple of forums for the sake of coverage. Over the past 6 months I haven't gone more than a...
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