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WELCOME TO THE ALTERNATIVE THERAPIES COMMUNITY: This Patient-To-Patient Community is for discussions relating to Acupuncture, Aromatherapy, Biofeedback, Chelation Therapy, Chinese Medicine, Dance-Movement Therapy, Medical Marijuana, Feng Shui, Heliotherapy, Reflexology, Unani, Vitamin Therapy, and Yoga Therapy.

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By Graags12
Has someone heard anything about uv therapy, uv blood irraadition and benefits of such therapies/systems? Is such kin...
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PaxiledNov 06, 2015
gymdandeeNov 05, 2015
By kdub2016
I have been dealing with hip pain and occasional headaches. Nothing helps. Someone had recommended Kratom and I thoug...
1447814 tn?1284739057
Susyq423Nov 05, 2015
ACRK1304Apr 12, 2015
Jessnanthony_17Sep 19, 2010
allmymarblesSep 17, 2010
Jessnanthony_17Sep 16, 2010
By Jessnanthony_17 Blank
My son has had alot of touble at daycare and pre-school. He has now just started kindergarten but is very hyper activ...
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PaxiledOct 26, 2015
By Marianne_K Blank
Can someone tell me what I should be doing now while waiting to make other medical appointments? Are there foods tha...
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Caliluv925Oct 14, 2015
GrayKnightMay 14, 2015
jacek123Jan 10, 2014
havaJan 04, 2011
PaxiledDec 29, 2010
By Reiald Blank
I already asked this in the anxiety forum. But I'm just wondering if anyone has taken this herb for anxiety. And has ...
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Bizatar2016Oct 07, 2015
Bizatar2016Oct 07, 2015
hobo2Mar 17, 2010
PaxiledMar 08, 2010
By hobo2 Blank
I've been considering an alternative methods of fighting my stage4 HCV with MMS and would very much appreciate any...
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PaxiledOct 07, 2015
gymdandeeOct 06, 2015
gymdandeeOct 06, 2015
PaxiledOct 05, 2015
cookcolburnOct 03, 2015
By focusONnow Blank
I've been a private troll, lurking behind my computer screen and reading all of the comments on overcoming narcotic p...
15740368 tn?1442668697
Child_of_VenusSep 23, 2015
grdnerSep 23, 2015
By Child_of_Venus Blank
Hi ! I slammed my right thumb on the car door two weeks ago and I have a small fracture on the distal bone and subu...
15312090 tn?1439785306
grdnerSep 10, 2015
By Cold123 Blank
I have had neuropathy in feet for 10 years but I am not a diabetic. In the past year I had a peroneal tendon tear and...
12528541 tn?1425791763
grdnerSep 10, 2015
matter123Jun 05, 2015
matter123Jun 05, 2015
breezytooApr 01, 2015
PoohbearlovesyouMar 23, 2015
By JD6500 Blank
I'm interested in alternative treatments to Lyme Disease/Bartonella Infection. I'm a 29 year old female diagnosed ...
1110049 tn?1409405744
PaxiledAug 31, 2015
By 4Maddie44 Blank
I would like to know people's experience with this anti depressant please
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Lindey21Aug 18, 2015
Red_StarOct 29, 2014
PaxiledOct 29, 2014
Red_StarOct 28, 2014
Red_StarOct 28, 2014
By Cher40 Blank
What are some alternative medications, etc. for hyperthyroidism besides taking Tapizole?
15182788 tn?1438959991
By TediGirl1 Blank
If The artery has collapsed after carotid artery surgery can it still be repaired by alternative procedures? A famil...
Avatar m tn
gymdandeeJul 29, 2015
PaxiledJul 29, 2015
By Deva_nathan Blank
Hi, I am also suffering with Gallbladder Polyps with the size of 3.4 x 2.6 size, Can you advice me with details. Wha...
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LW1959Jul 22, 2015
HealthEnthusiastJun 19, 2015
clement4nowJun 18, 2015
sgtanthonyJun 16, 2015
PaxiledJun 16, 2015
By sgtanthony Blank
My seasonal allergies have now become year round allergies. I live in So. Cal., home of the unending drought, which ...
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gymdandeeJul 20, 2015
gymdandeeJul 19, 2015
By phylisrn Blank
We have a Facebook group dedicated to treating heart disease holistically. Search for it " Healing Heart Disease Natu...
1097839 tn?1344583542
chosangvnJul 18, 2015
mlmbewareJun 16, 2015
JillyBrackenFeb 20, 2015
alexeeaNov 26, 2013
md230Aug 12, 2013
By yallolorry Blank
does anyone have any experience of using Usana products? I have a colleague at work who uses them and says they are t...
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PaxiledJul 12, 2015
By a_ravesi Blank
So for several years now I've suffered from pain in my upper cheeks, forehead, and the bridge of my nose. There is no...
Avatar m tn
By Stapprime Blank
What is cause for quivering tongue? Vitamin deficiency?
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divine123Jul 03, 2015
By md_rg Blank
Is the use of black tea in the deodorizing foot by foot soak it is healthy
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