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Our mother started not urinating. She also was constipated. After being hospitalized twice and getting the run around I finally got them to address the real problem ( urinary issues) They got her in with a Urologist he told us that Mom...
SeeksSupport | Last answer
Hi my previously healthy 26 year old daughter other then severe episodic migraine with aura genetic from her father, has been declining slowly for 2 years. A previous ivy league graduate and very outgoing girl has become homebound. It f...
Bodylove222 | Last answer
Hello, i am very worried about my dad. He is 63 years old. there no no alzheimers history in the ffamily. All my grandparents died after the age of 80 without getting it. Also none of my uncles/aunts has it. that's the background... t...
scareddude80 | Last answer
My mom and my aunt (mom's sister) are both in their mid 80's and suffering from Alzheimer's. My mom was the first one diagnoised 6years ago, then my aunt 5 years ago. Is there anything proven, that can help with prevention. I was told fa...
twinbee | Last answer
I recently had a ct scan on my brain because I was having some dizzy spells and the report stated that I had some volume loss in back part of brain. What are the implications?
waytom | Last answer
I went to the ER at the beginning of the month because I have had swelling around my eyes since June 23. My eyes twitch and they are perfect circles currounding my eyes. I had a new dr. and she thought maybe it was allergies. but I feel ...
Cjo33 | Last answer
My mother who has alzheimers grinds her teeth constantly, all her waking hours. Are there any suggestions on how to prevent this?
Nelly26 | Last answer
hi dr thank you for your time . my mothers moter had alz in her 80 my mother has it now shes in her 60. there are 4 of us daughters whats the chance we will have this to.
heartfluttersflyawayplz | Last answer
I read in my news paper about a month ago that drinking two cups of strong coffee a day can help prevent alzheimers disease, is there any truth in this claim.
JannyNanny | Last answer
All of the overturned "upside down" in her, and our lives, in mid-December last year. Began to vomit, secrete a lot of saliva during sleep, had a dense nasal secretion. All of this lasted 10 days. Doctor said it will pass, that is a vir...
SelmaP | Last answer
I am interested in this treatment for my brain damaged daughter. Have you gotten any additional information on it. I've known about the treatment based in Stem Cell. This treatment is offering hope for new ways to cure or help this c...
Bridges5 | Last answer
A close family member was told by his nuerologist "the memory part of brain is shrinking on both sides". He then set up an appointment with a sychiatrist. My question is why a sychiatrist.
angelhair959 | Last answer
Hi, My mother has alzheimers and is still functioning quite well. We noticed about 2 weeks ago a pulsating in her upper leg. It is constant and causes jerking motion in the leg. When she is standing her leg shakes. Is this a normal ...
betsy1234105 | Last answer
My mother passed away on July 7th and she had been diagnosed with Dementia (Alzheimer's Disease). She was also experiencing several tonic-clonic seizures, lack of oxygen, and low sodium but the docotor's said her overall helath was ...
ds1947 | Last answer
I have heard that there is a gene that can tell you if you have a probility for Alzheimer's. Has anyone heard anything about this? Please respond.
mommy52 | Last answer
I have had memory loss over the past 2 years, I'm a 47 yr. old female. There are things I don't remember in the recent past and no matter how hard I try the memory doesn't come back. I have always been excellent in math, most of the tim...
Alykaatt | Last answer
i am just curious. i have had signs of forgetfulness. not just the typical memory loss but at times to me worse. like the other day, i could not remember my own grand daughters name. this was extremely scary to me. there have been other ...
quietfeather | Last answer
my grandpa has recently been diagnosed with alzheimers , i wanna say with in the last year. last week he thought he was at work talking to my dad ( who was NOT there)...i mean he told us the whole conversation that he "had with my dad a...
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