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I want to find a spray I can use for flying bugs outside/inside ,but will not hurt my cat or any critters ,its for bugs like Mosquitoes,...
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Just to let everyone know that on the Dog forum there is now a new feature ASK A VET. A new Vet to Medhelp is available to answer you'r...
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Pepper's Story: Pepper was put in rescue by her owner because of a life changing circumstance which causes her family to not have enou...
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She is a german sheperd,choclate lab,pyrenean mountain dog mix. Her she is at nearly 3 months old!
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I need your help...My co-worker's baby (Yorkie) "Dion" is running for Mayor of Jupiter Beach. www.brightfloridacity.com Click on "J...
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what kind of animal owns you? we are owned by venus. she is a big, fat main coon. we're going to be adding another sister in for her a...
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Hi. We are going to NY ACC on Saturday to adopt a Pittie.The shelter named him Jack but we will call him Elliot Thomas. It is a very high...
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We have a very cute and loveable 9mos.old JRT. They are a very high spirited dog and will run at anything that moves. Something they were...
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hi....glad to be part of the group here, I''m just another crazy cat Lady.....but LOVE all animals and enjoy reading everyones stories!!
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What's your pet's favorite toy? My Scottie is obsessed with retrieving a rubber ring. He also loves to take rides in the wheelbarrow at...
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I inherited a 2 y.o. bulldog of my daughter/grandaughters on Dec. 9th....yes 1 month ago exactly today....they've been holidaying it arou...
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I had to put our beloved golden retriever down. He was the sweetest dog ever. I still cry when I think about him, especially today.
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She was a "baby" here ..maybe 2 yrs old
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Hi....yes furball I Love my kitties...........I love dogs too but just don't think I could manage one now that I no longer live out on an...
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I was watching Animal Planet and saw the dog show on Sat. The Scottish Terrior won Best in Show. Beautiful dogs.
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Hi i'm animal nutts, especially the mutt variety. I've a welsh border collie, hers a cracker jack, really. She's probs with her plates of...
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could anyone tell me why my rabbits have really dirty bums all the time. i dont give them any vege. they are arould 3 years old.
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i love my dogs! anyone else out there have dogs they love ?
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This seems like a fun and interesting forum. My cats and dogs should be using it soon = )
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