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I want to find a spray I can use for flying bugs outside/inside ,but will not hurt my cat or any critters ,its for bugs like Mosquitoes, the flying things we dont want, but most sprays say not near animals , any ideas,I put this on the ...
margypops | Last answer
Just to let everyone know that on the Dog forum there is now a new feature ASK A VET. A new Vet to Medhelp is available to answer you're questions. www.medhelp.org/forums/show/884
opus88 | Posted
Pepper's Story: Pepper was put in rescue by her owner because of a life changing circumstance which causes her family to not have enough time to dedicate to her exercise and welfare needs. Pepper is not being surrendered due to her te...
victoriasf | Posted
She is a german sheperd,choclate lab,pyrenean mountain dog mix. Her she is at nearly 3 months old!
skylight53 | Last answer
I need your help...My co-worker's baby (Yorkie) "Dion" is running for Mayor of Jupiter Beach. www.brightfloridacity.com Click on "Jupiter" then Click on "The Dogs of Jupiter Beach" VOTE FOR DION!!!!!!! Please Than...
bluebaby1976 | Last answer
what kind of animal owns you? we are owned by venus. she is a big, fat main coon. we're going to be adding another sister in for her and the boys, we're getting a german shepherd pup within the next few months (probably around christm...
heatherlynn22 | Last answer
Hi. We are going to NY ACC on Saturday to adopt a Pittie.The shelter named him Jack but we will call him Elliot Thomas. It is a very high kill shelter where they only give the animals a few days to be adopted and the same shelter that Or...
punkin1515 | Last answer
We have a very cute and loveable 9mos.old JRT. They are a very high spirited dog and will run at anything that moves. Something they were in fact bred for in England (which was rats). Anyhow to get to the point, this little one Milo seem...
marly1956 | Posted
hi....glad to be part of the group here, I''m just another crazy cat Lady.....but LOVE all animals and enjoy reading everyones stories!!
opus88 | Last answer
What's your pet's favorite toy? My Scottie is obsessed with retrieving a rubber ring. He also loves to take rides in the wheelbarrow at top speed. My Airedale doesn't understand playing with toys, so I guess squirrels are her favorite...
AireScottie | Last answer
I inherited a 2 y.o. bulldog of my daughter/grandaughters on Dec. 9th....yes 1 month ago exactly today....they've been holidaying it around the planet and gramma got to babysit. what a unique little character...stubborn yes, always hung...
opus88 | Last answer
I had to put our beloved golden retriever down. He was the sweetest dog ever. I still cry when I think about him, especially today.
have 2 kids | Last answer
She was a "baby" here ..maybe 2 yrs old
ChitChatNine | Last answer
Hi....yes furball I Love my kitties...........I love dogs too but just don't think I could manage one now that I no longer live out on an acreage like I did for years...had a Shepard and a Basset Hound of all things...we got her out and ...
opus88 | Last answer
I was watching Animal Planet and saw the dog show on Sat. The Scottish Terrior won Best in Show. Beautiful dogs.
Crochetya | Posted
Hi i'm animal nutts, especially the mutt variety. I've a welsh border collie, hers a cracker jack, really. She's probs with her plates of meet at t moo (feet), on restricted excersise which is killing her as she luuvs chasing and running...
brainlkeasiv | Last answer
could anyone tell me why my rabbits have really dirty bums all the time. i dont give them any vege. they are arould 3 years old.
blondy67 | Last answer
i love my dogs! anyone else out there have dogs they love ?
drifter0213 | Last answer
"If you have men/woman who will exclude any of GOD's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men/woman w...
jimi1822 | Last answer
This seems like a fun and interesting forum. My cats and dogs should be using it soon = )
lonewolf07 | Last answer
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