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i eat my own dried skin, dried blood, scabs, etc. is this a serious issue?? should i be concerned??
gypsyeyes71179 | Last answer
Where does this fall in eating disorders? I do this all the time. I know it is gross, but is it dangerous in any way? I have read that stimulating insulin and not swallowing the food can cause diabetes. Is this true? Because I have never...
PenelopeAnn | Last answer
I'm 14 years of age going on 15, I have been anorexic and bulimic for the past 2 months , I'm so scared I don't know how to stop, my Parents shout at me all the time and try to force food in me but the later at night I just throw it up a...
Misstwilightalwaysx | Last answer
I'm a 27-year-old female and I "recovered" from severe anorexia after in-patient treatment in 2005. I'm 5'3" tall and weighed in the low 70s before treatment. After treatment, I was eating about 1850 calories a day and weighed just under...
pikalover | Last answer
if i chew my food then spit it back out will i still gain weight alough am not actually swallowing ?
quinny100 | Last answer
I am currently 5'8'' and 88 pounds. I've been anorexic for three years and am in the refeeding process now. I used to never be hungry but now no matter what I eat, I'm voraciously hungry. Actually, the voracious appetite came a couple mo...
Cynthia1894 | Last answer
reacently i broke up with my boyfriend, my parents are getting a divorce, im failing most my classes, i have a pre-existing bi-poloar disorder, and now i think i may be bulimic. i dont know much about bulimia cept that you throw your foo...
nyssasaralee | Last answer
I have a daughter that is 15 months old and she gaves alot of problem to eat, i took her to 3 doctor , change her milk 3 times & the bottle & still she does not take her feeds well. at this present time i use a syringe to feed her & stil...
yasirmohd | Last answer
I have been bulimic since I was in middle school and I am 34 now...sometimes i can stop for a period of time but when something is going on I start again. When I eat I feel so sick, like I'm going to pass out...I feel dizzy, my stomach ...
KiTTen221 | Posted
I am concerned about a female friend of mine who is 49. She has lost a lot of weight in the past 6 to 12 months. She look anorexic. I have confronted her a couple times She swears she is not anorexic. She been to several doctors now. She...
rd_micro | Posted
I had a lump in my throat, at least through the entire summer, which went away, after a day of crying episodes, late, last week. Over the course of this month, I had convinced myself that I was intolerant of certain foodgroups, and th...
ansarac | Last answer
I haven't been to the doctor for YEARS. I swore them off because I kept getting "bad news" and I always felt like I could overcome my issues (mainly eating disorders over the past 8 years) on my own. Well, I've finally smartened up and m...
becksh23 | Posted
Hi, my name is Jenny. I suffered from Bulimia from the age of 17 through to around 22/23. I am now 26 and consider myself to be fully recovered. Towards the end I noticed that each purge would cause tiny purple dots to appear on my eyeli...
Jen383 | Posted
I am eighteen and have recently found I have completely lost my appetite. I have always been on the slim side, and am sitting on 48kg (which isn't too bad considering I'm only 156cm high). I have never found a problem with my weight (oth...
guilty670 | Posted
I have a very complex story. Throughout high school I have gone through drastic weight differences. Starting at 140 at only 5'2 in grade nine, I eventually worked my way towards 126 in grade 10, then down to 117. In 11th grade I had 2 su...
sutra11 | Last answer
How can I get started on a way of life that will help me feel better?
Patches20 | Posted
I've always ate alot more than most girls. but during the past few months or so if i don't eat every couple hours i get sick with hunger pains and feel like i'm going to throw up. if i don't have something with sugar i get weak and shaky...
Twilightnoel | Last answer
Bulima- loss of hair, loss of teeth, yellowed skin, loss of menstrul, infertility, dehydration, failure of organs, death. Anorexia-loss of bone strength, loss of hair, loss of menstrul, infertility, failure of organs, yellowed teeth, de...
omgitstheo | Last answer
I have been suffering from bulemia for almost 4 years. I started doing it to deal with the pain of losing my boyfriend. It started out as cutting and when I realized the scars wouldn't go away I turned to something more secretive. I was...
Kittykat100 | Posted
I have had anorexia for about 6 years,and at the moment i weigh 41.2 kilos My parents and partner are concerned at the moment that i might need treatment in hospital. At the moment i feel confused about the situation and finding it har...
vidas191 | Last answer
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