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This forum is for questions and support regarding arthritis issues such as: Arthritis, Autoimmune Disease, Bursitis, Fibromyalgia, Gout, Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Myositis, Neuralgia, Osteoarthritis, Polymyalgia Rheumatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Sciatica, Tendinitis, Vasculitis.

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goggles9Jan 30, 2013
Abhijeet Ghosh Dec 12, 2009
texasgal1966Dec 10, 2009
texasgal1966Dec 09, 2009
Abhijeet Ghosh Dec 10, 2009
By texasgal1966 Blank
I am a registered nurse of 20 yrs. I am 43 yo female and had a TKR 8 wks ago due to OA. My concerns are the continu...
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kyleknappMay 17, 2012
timbalouApr 20, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh Mar 26, 2010
timbalouMar 26, 2010
timbalouMar 24, 2010
By timbalou Blank
Hello, I am a 40 yr old male. In fairly good condition. I take 20mg Lisinopril (sp) for high blood pressure. It...
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notscared2dreamMar 21, 2012
Krishna Kumar, MD Mar 23, 2012
By notscared2dream Blank
Hi. GP has tentatively diagnosed me with PCOS (awaiting ultrasound). He also thinks that Cushings or an Autoimmune Co...
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Check4LymediseaseJan 22, 2012
Richie_DNov 16, 2009
Abhijeet Ghosh Nov 17, 2009
By feellikegranny Blank
Female, mid forties, I have moderate C4-C5 disc degeneration, mild canal stenosis C-3 C-4/C-4 C-5, midline protrusion...
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Atul Wankhede, MD Dec 23, 2011
By seanyyz Blank
I am a 46 year old male. I have had ankylosing spondylitis since 1981. Recently I have had a lot of pain when I wa...
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Atul Wankhede, MD Oct 07, 2011
yes139Oct 05, 2011
yes139Oct 04, 2011
Atul Wankhede, MD Oct 05, 2011
By yes139 Blank
Hello Doctor, I am a 58 years woman who recently experiece finger join pain and stiffness and ankle stiffness in ...
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freefireSep 12, 2011
Abhijeet Ghosh Sep 12, 2011
By freefire Blank
I have very slight crepitus in neck when i turn it to the right,. there is no sounds when I turn it to the left or up...
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ever99Oct 11, 2011
ronald546Jun 04, 2011
Abhijeet Ghosh May 21, 2011
ronald546May 12, 2011
Abhijeet Ghosh May 10, 2011
By ronald546 Blank
How do I get rid of the chronic stiffness in my foot(right; & hand) ? Doc surmises(diagnosis) inflammed tendons( I ...
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guru05Apr 20, 2011
guru05Apr 01, 2011
Abhijeet Ghosh Apr 20, 2011
By guru05 Blank
So two months ago I was diagnosed with epidimitis. I was given doxycycline due to which i got really bad gastroente...
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jellylegsFeb 19, 2011
Abhijeet Ghosh Mar 02, 2011
By JamesRI Blank
This flared up about a month and a half ago, and is in the middle joint of my right index finger, the PIP joint. It h...
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james_kildareNov 01, 2010
brettfavreeNov 01, 2010
seachangeauOct 18, 2010
Kevin_In_IllinoisSep 30, 2010
Kevin_In_IllinoisSep 29, 2010
By Kevin_In_Illinois Blank
Hello. I'm 49 years old and relatively active. I play golf on a regular basis and try to exercise at least a couple...
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Raquel415Oct 03, 2010
haitham1Sep 28, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh Oct 03, 2010
By Raquel415 Blank
I have been have had fairly severe joint pain for 2 weeks now. It is accompanied with a mild sore throat and slightly...
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bigbookAug 20, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh Aug 18, 2010
By bigbook Blank
My 16 year old daughter is having problems with frequent aphthous ulcers in her mouth. Blood work by family doctor i...
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vicphdOct 08, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh Jun 13, 2010
By rjl409 Blank
I have been diagnosed with ankylosing spondylitis and prescribed Humira. Will taking Humira stop the progression of t...
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Abhijeet Ghosh May 12, 2010
melissasue017May 11, 2010
melissasue017May 09, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh May 09, 2010
melissasue017May 07, 2010
By melissasue017 Blank
Hello Doctor, My dad is 59 years old, is 6'0" tall and weighs approximately 250 pounds (he is in the process of lo...
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Abhijeet Ghosh Apr 16, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh May 04, 2010
By suela82 Blank
Dear Doctor, thank you very much for the explanations you did on my previous mail. I forgot to mention one very im...
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Abhijeet Ghosh Mar 04, 2010
By abolender Blank
Ok, I'm a 29 year old female w/ Crohn's Disease. I'm currently on Prednisone for a flare. On Mon. I started having pa...
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alexfordMay 14, 2011
lisa86foxNov 15, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh Mar 12, 2010
By orangeblack Blank
I'm a very active 36 year old man. I have been experiencing knee and wrist joint pain off and on for several years. ...
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BarbaraS22Mar 16, 2010
Abhijeet Ghosh Mar 16, 2010
By paapatlasadhu Blank
i am 55yrs lady 78 kgs weight without bp sugar with more flexibility in my job but more sitting,without any problems....
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Abhijeet Ghosh Mar 19, 2010
By Sweed508 Blank
My 16 year old son was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis at age 10. He also suffers from enthesitis as well as a vit...
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