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Ladies who suffer from or have suffered from Asherman's Syndrome. Uterine adhesions that are caused by a DNC or by uterine trauma. Ladies that are struggling to become pregnant because of uterine adhesions, or ladies who have beat Asherman's and are pregnant or have already given birth. Ladies that struggle from a thin uterine lining do to adhesions. A place to share success stories or fears and frustrations. A place to find treatment, and share ideas.

Founded by mhv on September 2, 2010
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By spmulligan Blank
My wife has severe Asherman's, and I am looking for known Asherman's specialists in the Washington, D.C. area or othe...
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mhvNov 21, 2013
logigirlNov 21, 2013
mhvDec 22, 2010
By logigirl Blank
At my ultrasound today I was dated as 11 week 5 days. My unusually shaped gestational sac (looked like i have two sac...
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mhvSep 23, 2011
By dfleen Blank
so after postin my exciting news that we were expecting, last weds at our 9 wk scan the baby stopped growing....ughhh...
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dfleenSep 02, 2011
mhvAug 31, 2011
By dfleen Blank
I am very thankful to be bless with a second chance. I am currently 7wks pregnant after losing my daughter at 22wks g...
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mhvJul 20, 2011
tkdfrogJul 18, 2011
mhvJul 17, 2011
tkdfrogJul 15, 2011
mhvJul 15, 2011
By tkdfrog Blank
Hello! Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm very glad I found this group, as most of you know, Asherman's is not co...
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mhvSep 09, 2010
By kris71 Blank
Great idea Melissa! Glad you created this group.
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By mhv Blank
Looking for ladies who have experience uterine adhesions and just trying to get the your stories. Please feel free t...
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