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Possibly only the product of an acute illness with fever, Ask Peekawho is a group for people who want answers--not necessarily the RIGHT answer, but it will be an answer. Answers are heavily slanted towards the negative, glass is half empty type of answer, because that's just how Peekawho rolls.

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Why do I get friend requests from people who I have 1) never talked to before, 2) haven't even answered one of their posts, 3) didn't even have mutual friends with them, 3) never even entered the forum they are in? It's non-stop, I don'...
mami1323 | Last answer
Is there a way to know if I'm going into menopause? I've looked online and it gives "ideas" on what may happen if you are going into menopause but I can't find anything definate. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. I'm still usin...
have 2 kids | Last answer
so this is baby #2 for me and i have been pregnant 3 times in the last 2 yrs.. my first pregnancy resulted in my beautiful baby girl... the second i got pregnant 7 weeks after having my baby girl and ended up miscarrying in the first tri...
pinkbelle | Last answer
Okay, well, just wanted to start by saying that I love this group. Peek, I loved reading your journals, and you always had great advice and information. Now for my question: I had preeclamsia at the end of my pregnancy, and was place...
jenntanis | Last answer
So I do not typically buy into media hype, however I am getting scared. I am almost 27 weeks pregnant and I work in a job that has me in constant contact with our cities homeless population daily. I do not work in an actual shelter, bu...
adgal | Last answer
I have been on birth control pills for a very long time but just realized today that I forgot to start a new pack on sunday. I doubled up today and will double up again tomorrow. The little brochure says I "could" become pregnant. ...
have 2 kids | Last answer
I know this may be old news for some of you but it just became available in our community as of yesterday. The first round will be this week and a few days the following as well as in 2-3 weeks.. i am just so worried.. it is affection pe...
CYW | Last answer
and let us all just fill in the blanks and see how far she will really go with it :-) Me first!! How do you REALLY feel about the direction MH has taken in the last 3 years?
AndiJ78 | Last answer
I looked in my virginia and its real red and swollen, dont ask me how I no Im jus real nimble, ok? Anyways my boyfriend and me were foolin around and it came close but I just dun no how close you no? Cause we was real drunk and I cant re...
April2 | Last answer
Swampy, our baby has become corrupted while Daddy has been gone.
peekawho | Last answer
i need help. i am so unsure of myself right now. peek knows but ill repeat for everyone to help me figure this out. i am pg with baby #3. i have had 2 c sections, first was unplanned but necessary. my second was due to my dr not g...
pertykitty | Last answer
I admire you Peek, because I know you have been up-and-running at 6 in the MORNING!!! many times while you were training. I couldn't survive that. I'll tell you my morning. Try not to hear the alarm/finally have to admit that it exist...
ginger899 | Last answer
How can I get my Poodle Shitzu mix to quit spazing out every time we have company over. The scenario is as follows: Someone knocks at the door, the dog goes crazy barking. If they dare enough to come in, he barks his head off and jump...
meiram | Last answer
*waving hand violently in the air hoping Peek calls on her* I have a question Peek....I remember when I had my first son(who is now 8) that they told me not to use baby oil because of something that had to do with bugs and I cant reme...
ziggysgrl0724 | Last answer
Ok, so my bf and I were foolin around and his...ya know...was rubbing against mine and well, I'm not sure if he actually went in me, so am I still a virgin or not? He did ejaculate, but it was on my hand. Could this make me preggers? Oh,...
Victoria01 | Last answer
Hey Peek, thanks for answering my questions on my journal about this. I have another question. How much is too much of the steroids? I heard that taking it too much can weaken your bones. And I sure don't need that since my mother has os...
April2 | Last answer
So, how does one become more like Peek???? The essence of Peek is so captivating.......I long to be more Peek!! Please Advise! : )
rdh1981 | Last answer
I am 47, had my tubes tied 17 years ago and have not used birth control since. My husband and I don't have sex very often (his fault) but my belly is getting a bit bigger and I wondered if I could be pregnant. He would be so happy but ...
TrudieC | Last answer
Your glass is half empty .... I don't even have a glass = (
lonewolf07 | Last answer
can't I have hot flashes during the day when I am freezing cold but instead must sweat my *** off in bed each night?????????
have 2 kids | Last answer
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