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How can a parent go about getting their child tested for Asperger's Syndrome? I keep hitting nothing but brick walls?
3vilt1gg3r | Last answer
Hello, I am afraid my oldest might have AS. He is almost three and currently in a 3's class at a preschool program with kids that are all a few months older then him. He will eventually be the oldest in his grade when he is ready for ...
wxbunny58 | Posted
Im pretty sure my uncle has Aspergers.... He has been the same way my whole life. (I am 29.) My grandma (his mom) is in denial and just thinks he is quiet. He hides in his room and never interacts with the family, only during holidays li...
tiffanyj415 | Last answer
I just recently got diagnosed with Aspergers after 27yrs of beating myself up for "how I am" and exhausting myself by trying so hard to "fit in" and be the person that I think everyone wants me to be. I am now having a sort of identity c...
IndigoRiley | Last answer
My daughter and I have known my daughters boyfriend for many years and in lots of ways I really like him. My daughter has been seeing him for a while now and over time he has become more controlling. Calling and texting her repetitivel...
UKlady1001 | Last answer
any one know of a good website for aspergers syndrome. would like to get more information
edita0522 | Posted
my mother was told that my 12 yr brother will never get married... that he dosent knw the diference of feelings like love caring mad sad ....
mommyoftrez | Last answer
How many people know about Brain Balance and how the program may help your child? It's helped me with my Aspergers greatly and I've learned a lot! Feel free to check out their website: http://www.brainbalancecenters.com/about/the-progr...
AngieWilson | Posted
I have had a "blankie" since i was a baby. And when i was 10yrs old it finally desinegrated but i got lucky and found a blanket with VERY close to the exact same texture and feel to it(kind of pilly and rough). I like rub it with my fing...
IndigoRiley | Last answer
Hello, My 9 yr old son has high functioning aspergers. I am looking for some kind of activity for him to do this summer. He is not a sports boy. He is really into dinosaurs and Skylanders right now. I have tryed Boy Scouts and he realy d...
2boysandagirl | Posted
My grandchild is four years old and only pees in the potty for her nanny. When anyone else (including her parents) try to take her to the potty, she simply refuses to go. She holds it until she is sick or can't hold it any longer and g...
hallmark100 | Last answer
I am so confused and don't know where to turn. I have an 8 year old daughter, and have been trying to figure out what is going on with her. I have done a lot of internet research with signs leading to Aspergers. I would love to tell you ...
Whitsc | Last answer
Hi! I have a boyfriend which is suffering from Asperger's. I heard somewhere that Aspies should watch what they eat, and keep away from grain and dairy, but then I found out that it mostly was for children. I am a bit confused, still,...
Qualmi | Last answer
Why don't people like us? I don't get sarcasm and most humor, and i can't handle loud noises or lots of people. it's overwhelming. but people think i'm stupid i guess because they are mean to be and belittle me. my parents tell me I'm so...
Bug67 | Last answer
Hi (sorry in advance for the long post), I am a twenty year old male in Las Vegas and have been struggling with mental health problems for my whole life, but only realizing my thoughts were abnormal for the past 2 ½ years. I was first d...
bigdbarnhurst | Last answer
I recently stumbled upon an article listing the symptoms of Asperger's. My 7 year old son display's many of these symptom's, especially the sensitivity to noise, and the having a hard time when his routine is broken. I always told myself...
hez12345 | Last answer
I'm hoping someone can help with ideas on what kind of specialist I can take my son to. He seems to have some potential Asperger's symptoms and/or some OCD, but all are relatively mild as I describe below. Thanks in advance for any help!...
Ben727 | Posted
My brother now at the age of 21 was diagnosed with asburgers 2 years ago. He plays world of war craft continuously. He gets the tamptrums he refuses to live life alone and is very very smart but had horrible grades. He took the act got ...
bjohns02 | Last answer
My son has Aspergers. He is a good student, and has some great friends (he has gone to school with the same kids since kindergarten) He does not go out with his friend much, but they don't seem to mind. They text and call him and play o...
ljmom18 | Last answer
I have ranted about my older brother(late thirties now) at 'adult with special needs forum' i thought he was just degenerative psychopath. But there were times make me wonder, what exactly his condition is? Like..... He sometime...
sleepmonster | Last answer
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