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This forum is an un-mediated, patient-to-patient forum for questions and support regarding Asperger Syndrome issues such as: Balance, Behavioral Issues, Causes, Characteristics, Classification, Clumsiness, Communication, Diagnosis, Gait – Walking, Genetics, Medications. Parenting, Prognosis, Restricted and repetitive interests and behavior, School Issues, Screening Sleep Disorders, Social interaction, Speech and language, Treatment

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Daj3Apr 07, 2013
By hallmark100 Blank
My grandchild is four years old and only pees in the potty for her nanny. When anyone else (including her parents) t...
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mia443Apr 06, 2013
EllspoopMar 28, 2013
A_SanteMar 08, 2013
mom2five180Feb 24, 2013
lewis522Feb 12, 2013
By Whitsc Blank
I am so confused and don't know where to turn. I have an 8 year old daughter, and have been trying to figure out what...
1120752 tn?1259312615
KenzrinanaApr 06, 2013
MJIthewriterMar 21, 2010
spunkykittyMar 09, 2010
ForheavensakesMar 09, 2010
LynneAVFeb 21, 2010
By Qualmi Blank
Hi! I have a boyfriend which is suffering from Asperger's. I heard somewhere that Aspies should watch what they ea...
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LouiseM68Mar 25, 2013
browneyeszMar 15, 2013
mom2five180Feb 24, 2013
MaryannesMomSep 18, 2009
binnksSep 15, 2009
By Bug67 Blank
Why don't people like us? I don't get sarcasm and most humor, and i can't handle loud noises or lots of people. it's ...
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EVANIQUEMar 16, 2013
By hez12345 Blank
I recently stumbled upon an article listing the symptoms of Asperger's. My 7 year old son display's many of these sym...
1796826 tn?1456093203
By Ben727 Blank
I'm hoping someone can help with ideas on what kind of specialist I can take my son to. He seems to have some potenti...
5017003 tn?1362385222
copernicus581Mar 08, 2013
bjohns02Mar 05, 2013
copernicus581Mar 05, 2013
By bjohns02 Blank
My brother now at the age of 21 was diagnosed with asburgers 2 years ago. He plays world of war craft continuously. ...
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copernicus581Mar 05, 2013
By ljmom18 Blank
My son has Aspergers. He is a good student, and has some great friends (he has gone to school with the same kids sinc...
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sleepmonsterMar 05, 2013
luckyme138Mar 05, 2013
bjohns02Mar 04, 2013
Kevin Kennedy, Ph.D. Dec 27, 2012
By sleepmonster Blank
I have ranted about my older brother(late thirties now) at 'adult with special needs forum' i thought he was just ...
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By Larry260 Blank
I have a daughter that graduated Highschool a while back, and doesn't seem to be growing up much to speak of. We stil...
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By Larry260 Blank
I have a daughter that just graduated Highschool. She doesn't really seem to be growing up, and seldomly thinks thing...
4971738 tn?1390568984
By cHiNa_dOlli3 Blank
my daughter is taking speech therapy she is going to see a neurologist to see whats going on w/ her there is just soo...
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mommyoftrezFeb 22, 2013
By anakinskywalker Blank
hi my name is gregory and i didn't stop using a binky/ pacifier till i was 7-8 and now i am 21 iam still attached to...
894766 tn?1241540001
ajimFeb 14, 2013
jyojlynnMay 06, 2009
SueNYCMay 06, 2009
mtgoat911May 06, 2009
itsjusttaraMay 05, 2009
By itsjusttara Blank
Hello everyone! My issue/question is a common one I'm sure. But I'm at a point where I'm so frustrated I need some ad...
1872071 tn?1320291132
ElsinoreCopenhagenFeb 01, 2013
brightstarlightJan 20, 2013
thatsdaved358Aug 20, 2012
thatsdaved358Aug 20, 2012
mybabies04May 06, 2012
By GirlTalk2012 Blank
Hello. I have a question. Could someone with aspergers also have a learning disability. By disability I mean learn...
4823642 tn?1359641161
By ANC1 Blank
My son just turned eight a few days ago. He was diagnosed with Asperger's two and a half years ago and when he went i...
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Shannon1271Jan 31, 2013
By Ankelmacrilzacsmom Blank
I don't know what to do to help him stop this behavior. He is dx Asperger's (ADHD, OCD, anxiety). I always thought ...
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joedog225Jan 26, 2013
Cali01Jan 22, 2013
milesrfJan 16, 2012
BluesocksJan 02, 2012
alskyJan 27, 2011
By Telecaster Blank
Hey I'm a 21 year old male who's having trouble finding a label for what it is exactly that's wrong with me. I...
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MessyhairfemaleJan 23, 2013
By karen34641 Blank
We have an 8 year old adopted son and he came to live with us when he was 2 years old. He has a lot of problems and ...
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IChrisJan 21, 2013
brightstarlightJan 21, 2013
IChrisJan 20, 2013
By brightstarlight Blank
Does anybody have a Asperger's teenager whose find's fine motor skills difficult in a way that he seems clumsy eg; sp...
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