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My daughter was a vibrant teenager. She was very athletic and was into competitive cheer leading, soccer, track and was an honor roll student her entire life. The only problem she has ever had was heavy periods, but so did I at her age...
moxie_mom | Last answer
I have some test results that I don't understand they are as followed: Sjorgen's Anti-SS-B 1.3 (High) Immunoglobulin G 482 (Low) Anticardiolipin Ab, IgM 19 (High) Albumin, CSF 10 (Low) Should I be concerned?
Waspeake | Posted
I had an allergic reaction to medications in January. Over medicated with Levothyroxine was on 75 and should have been on 50. And I was then given estrogen cream and it triggered hives and swelling in both hands. I couldn't touch anythin...
klynnk1 | Posted
I recently had a CBC done because I have not been feeling well. My WBC was 4.9, my RBC was 3.85 and my absolute lymphocyte was 1.3.? My hemoglobin was 7.4. I had a blood transfusion about 4 days afterwards and my hemoglobin went up to 10...
Ashlee_W | Posted
My daughter is 18 years old. She has had severe fatigue and achy muscles for several months. Her lab work was normal except for the sed rate, which was 108. They repeated it a month later and it was 118, with positive antibodies. The doc...
mollysue1 | Last answer
HELP! I had blood test done about 6 years ago which revealed I had a high ANA. At that time was tested for Lupus (which came back negative), but was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. I have had the ANA tests done several times since, and e...
clm19622 | Last answer
I am a 34 year old female. Three years ago I was referred to an endocrinologist after an episode of blurred vision while driving. I was also experiencing increased thirst and frequent urination. I have suffered with on and off joint p...
buggabean | Posted
Why can tapazole cause back pain, there was no pain while on 20 mg/day but when increased to 25mg/day over the next 6 days it was gradual a sore back that didn't go away just got worse to the point that I could walk I didn't take my dose...
KitRN | Posted
Does anyone have any information on possible side effects on the eyes when taking IVIG for CVID?
waghouse | Last answer
I was recently diagnosed with an Immune disorder and went through my first wound of IVIG treatment last Tuesday, March 8th. Though there was a minor allergic reaction, I have had a heahache everyday since and feel horrible. The Thursday ...
scarletnymph | Last answer
Hi, I have most of the symptoms above (achiness, flu like symptoms, joint and muscle pains, swollen feet, blurred vision, feeling very cold always, very painful periods, itchiness, trouble concentrating, rash, irritability, fibromyalgia...
ASisO | Last answer
Is Chronic Shin Splints an auto-immune condition? I've had bi-lateral shin splints for about 19 years, so it is "chronic." Besides it's primary pain at the top of the tibias, the entire shins are very tender to the touch and will hurt ab...
Douglas12345 | Posted
I am now 39 years old. I have been diagnosed over the years with Sjogrens, Hypothyroid, spondylosis/arthritis in upper thoracic spine, degenerative disc disease, osteoarthritis of the knees, sleep apnea and major depression. I have had...
Brass2 | Last answer
I have a friend and they say something is wrong with her immune system but she keeps getting boils on her head and it hurts to comb her hair any ideas what could be causing it? thanks
puddenpop | Last answer
Hi since January iv had lots of blood test I started having my alt up to 200 then it goes bk down My alt is still up and down The I toke more and it came back as Alt elevated And AntiNuclear antibody-HEp-2 border line Any ideas...
Greeny17 | Posted
A couple of months ago I was diagnosed with alopecia areata. I was told there was not much I could do about it because there is no medication for it or the treatment was expensive hair transplant. I'm a 54 year young black woman looking ...
divine123 | Posted
Hello! I am wondering how others deal with how you are feeling and sharing it with others? I am struggling with how to deal with my illness, and I am still trying to figure out all that is going on with me. I am fatigued and in pain ...
K9.lover | Posted
I am severely dry from my head to my toes, literally. Drs. have told me that I probably have sjogren's syndrome, One of my biggest problems is chronic constipation. I drink plenty of water. I have had the chronic constipation since I was...
bjfpwf | Last answer
What causes the shaking inside my body?
agisr | Posted
Is there any specific diet for IGG4? I was recently diagnosed with the disease in Nov, 2014. I started on a high dose of 60 mg of Prednisone and 50mg of Azathioprine. I now take 150mg of Azathioprine and 20mg of Prednisone. My doct...
MarshaB9136 | Last answer
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