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My ANA just came back at 1:640 which my doctor said was "very positive". Waiting to see the rheumatologist. I am a 40 yr female of av. weight, eat well and exercise frequently. I have autoimmune hypothyroidism which is treated with 88mcg...
overit4now | Last answer
Hi, I suffer from oain and a great deal of swelling in my legs, feet, and arms and underarms and collarbone. My right knee gets extremely hot, red, and swollen twice the size. I also have spinal problems, HBP and hypothyroid. This c...
Cindee56 | Last answer
I was told that I have hyperthyroid because of a hot adenoma in Aug. I had rai by the end of Aug but my TSH level low every time I go to doctor. I am not taking any medication just beta blockers for the very bad symptoms that I am havi...
celi101 | Last answer
I hve ms and only on betaseron,and gettiing weaker what drug has the best results for MS?
highlandmck | Last answer
Hi doc, I have been suffering differents symptoms after have sex with some girl. Fever, rash, swollen glands, neck and shoulder pain, fatigue, lack of appettite, etc. Obviusly after that I thought about hiv or other STD, but I have a n...
urraco2012 | Last answer
I had my thyroid removed in April 2011. I was placed on 112mcg of Synthroid at the time. I have been getting the generic brand of this medication for the last year. I broke out in a severe rash on my chest about 3 months ago. My regular ...
beauti8 | Last answer
Hi in 1992 Hep B all year. Told not a carrier in 1993. In 1997 salmonella (phage 156) and Glandular fever and hepatitis. Around this time (1997) two fingers on right hand swollen, left outer right knee swollen, (both duration 15 years...
Greengran | Last answer
I have ANA Titre 1/640 on my results and also have low thyroid, low Vit B12 H1,272ng/L, low iron and possible Sjogrens but no ENA antibodies ( dry mouth and eyes. ). White blood count was L 3.9x10^9/L. No one has told me what the ANA 1...
UKlady1001 | Last answer
Not sure where to start Last sept I woke up with an off type feeling in 2011.. I had foot surgery on sept 30th 2011 They gave me the max on anethesia and my vision has been messed up ever since. I also still have the off feeling like a d...
alienshadow | Last answer
Hi Dr. Nicholson, Thanks firstly for your time here on the forum. I tried to ask a question yesterday but somehow I ended up posting in a different forum, so here I am again, wondering about rashes and mycoplasma. Could a rash...
StealthVirusCCID | Last answer
Can an increased Rheumatoid Factor with a negative ICC test indicate a possible autoimmune neuropathy? I have a neuropathy that I believe is autoimmune (possibly inflammatory), with a negative ANA, but my RA factor has doubled in the ...
Jaimy | Last answer
I have Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis and Stage IIIC Ovarian Cancer. I am afraid of getting shingles because I had the Chicken Pox twice. I will talk to my Doctors of course. In general can people like me get the vaccine? Also is...
HVAC | Last answer
I have been diagnosed with CIDP and treated with IVIG for a couple of years. Can this cause my WBC to lower? If I am removed from IVIG, what are other treatment options? Any effective supplements?
ptcliny | Last answer
hi Dr.Gareth...its not a question as such..more have you heard of anything to do with my problem..regarding my daughter this is by the way..she has goldberg and shprintzen syndrome which i dont expect you to of heard of..she has a rare.....
lisaob1 | Last answer
Hello I've been diagnoised with erosive lichen planus. Have positive oral flouesent biopsy and positive pemigus in blood but not tissue. My question is will the latter over lapp? Thank-you
tarter | Last answer
I have systemic lupus, sjogrens, reynauds, vasculuitis, etc. Female, 54 yrs. old. I take Cellcept, Aleve and Medrol. In the last year, I have lost weight for no apparent reason, and now I only weigh 88lbs. I am allergic to soy and whe...
kitten103 | Last answer
Hello, can you tell me if shortness of breath is symptom of Sjorgens Syndrome? I have had SS for over 10 years. When I walk up stairs I become winded. Also, sometimes when I am go to bed and just lay in the bed I am short of breath? ...
whatsup2 | Last answer
I was wondering if they have changed they way they advertise Enbrel? My sister, 50, was taking it and I believe it made the cancer in her body spread 1- times faster than normal. Do you agree with that? Don't you think the Doctors should...
getfit101 | Last answer
My late husband contracted signs of lupus when he was 25. He was a lawyer and his first system was it hurt to shake hands, At 16 he had a false positive syphilis test and again before our marriage. He died at 44. He was on Dialysis and...
betty31955 | Last answer
About 3 years ago a woke up un able to see out of my right eye and within 48 hours my vision started going in my left eye. My doctors then out me on 120 milligrams of prednisone and methotrexate. come to find out my retinas detached and ...
jessiej8593 | Last answer
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