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In July 2012, I developed chronic facial flushing after receiving two corticosteroid injections in my foot for plantar fasciitis within a 30 day span,and after being prescribed a medrol dosepack for a week during that time. The flushing ...
pacodelucia | Last answer
I have been, more or less, diagnosed wth Hashitoxicosis. A TPO Ab of 38 and a TS I of 166 on my last blood test. My question is, should I request removal of my thyroid? I know medication is out of the question because taking medicine fo...
LaurenBB | Last answer
I have been diagnosed with CIDP since 1/2012 (EMG shows demyelinating features with some nerve conduction block) and have been on 40 g of IVIG q 2 weeks for past 6 months. mds say that i dont have "classic" CIDP but a variant of it. up...
vks6111 | Last answer
Hello, my name is Rena and I am a member of the MS Forum. I have Secondary Progressive MS and COPD and Asthma and they are all under control with medication... I hope! On Sunday past I took a shower and I felt fine when I got in but when...
Rena705 | Last answer
I posted this earlier but want to make sure the Dr sees this.....so I am posting it again Hello...I have been ill for 12years now...and have had sooo many test done. I am dealing with quite alot right now....I have fibromyalgia, D...
jmred | Last answer
I was diagnosed with Fibro about 3.5 years ago. I have still been going through scans and tests on weekly basis. Now a Colonoscopy will be done next week, last week was a endoscopy which found some blood and my stomach lining is enlarge...
soulmate515 | Last answer
Hi - I'm writing to ask if I need to follow up with my PCP or ask for a neurology referral for a sensation of prickling on my skin. I have been to my PCP, Dermatologist, ENT and Rheumatologist for a variety of symptoms that started a...
midwestmom57 | Last answer
49-yo female diagnosed with antiphospholipid syndrome 19 years ago. Recently have been feeling very tired and a bit dizzy. Doc ran CBC with diff (perfect), CMP (perfect), TSH (9.36) and Vitamin D level (high). Total calcium was 9.7. ...
janie63 | Last answer
My wife began experiencing flu-like episodes in late 2010. The attacks would present with fever, swollen neck lymph nodes, tight chest/breathing muscles, extreme fatigue, and a “scarlet fever-like” rash primarily on the chest and back....
Vlade13 | Last answer
I have a constant flow of pheglm going down my throat, casusing hacking, coughing, gagging. i take alegra as well as a nasal spray, my nose is clear but I still have the constant draining in my throat. i can't sleep as I am constantly ...
Sleepy2228 | Last answer
I have Celiac disease, was diagnosed with it 4 years ago. I eat a very stick gluten free diet-not then if I says processed in a place. The problem is that then though my intestines are back to normal my blood work is still showing the Ig...
smiley23 | Last answer
Sir, I have always a feeling of coldness chilliness or shivering as if cold air is entering into me through foot toes,spine, chest and eyes.Either it may be a summer or a winter ill,fatugue ache,fever congestion in eyes. Every worst c...
nkgarg | Last answer
I have struggled for years with hypothyroidism. Until a few years ago when I decided to see an endo dr. He diagnosed me as hyper and put me on the appropriate meds. However I stopped working close to his office and asked my internest ...
cindylou904 | Last answer
The report stated that my neurological exam was "grossly intact". I cannot find what this means. Any ideas? Also one of his findings was "chronic respiratory failure". Not exactly sure what this means but it does not sound good. Please h...
tnj0201 | Last answer
So, I have Hashimotos, and intestinal cystitis...both are autoimmune yes?? what does that say for me??? could it be linked by something still undiscovered?? I'm only 28 and just don't understand.
Breeaa | Last answer
Hello Dr., I am a 27yo M, 5'9", 175lbs. A few months before my 21st bday I was pulling all-nighters or near ANs until the following occurred: - Very painful swollen lymph nodes (left and right side of neck, l. side of back of neck, a...
irishfox | Last answer
Dr. Nicholson, First of all THANK YOU for the information on IMMED website and you and your colleague's research especially on mycoplasma infections! To make a very long story short, our daughter contracted EBV in SOCAL a year and a ha...
Safetydude100 | Last answer
Dear Dr., I am one of those people who have numerous symptoms and have dx's, but believe there is something that is not being dx, bc my pain and misery level is way out there and I can tolerate pain,but this is ridiculas. I h...
skeetelmore65 | Last answer
I have had Dercum's disease for over 40 years and have come to a stage where I can only function like a sick 85 year although I am only 65.
Kattamaki | Last answer
This is regarding my partner. He has some type of autoimmune disorder that I think is the cause of his skin issues. He has a hx of Ehler's Danlos and Ulcerative Colitis, both of which are in remission. The UC was very severe at one time...
ashlara | Last answer
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