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Hello and thank you for your time, first of all. I am a 40-year-old woman, Alaskan Native/Caucasian mix, 3 children with no history of any diseases like diabetes, etc. I began not feeling well November of last year. By the end of Feb...
ynevar | Last answer
I've been diagnosed -- and have active problems with -- asthma, glomerulonephritis, and multiple sclerosis. The nephrology problems are the latest. I can see how asthma and ms both fall into the autoimmune category, but how does kidney...
WuDian | Last answer
Help!! I have been trying to find for the past 2 years what this outbreak of red spots are on my legs and thighs. They do not itch and they do not hurt but they are just ugly I first noticed them on my lower legs (between ankles and knee...
renning | Last answer
Ok history back in 1994 I had a flare of an unknown condition. Had a rash to my trunk and face that was itching and burning. Went to ER they had to clue what it was ended up leaving went to my PCP and was diagnosed with pityriasis rose...
Alleyrat | Last answer
Hello! My father has Vitiligo and has no pigment in his skin or hair (all over his body). I was recently diagnosed with Alopecia areata and was wondering if there is a connection. Also, he said the doctor told him the type of can...
vlpaige | Last answer
I'm a 42-year old female. I'm wondering if you can tell me, should I be worried or taking an 81mg aspirin for a Cardiolipin Antibody IGM test score of 28 (Range 0-19 MPL)? My General MD didn't seem to think I needed to take an Aspirin,...
designsbycm | Last answer
Hi I have been ill for just over 4 years. I did have one positive ANA test for Lupus the second one was negative. I have had positive tests for bilateral optical neuritis, lesion on my spine, and although I had O bands in my LP I also ha...
MrsAristotle | Last answer
Hi Dr. Nicolson, I had my first episode from RRMS in Mid-May of this year... which was numbness/tingling sensations in the left side of my face, arm, & shoulder. Within 2 months this was gone. I had 2 brain MRIs and a spinal tap which...
patchoulired | Last answer
Since my early 20's many doctors I had seen thought that by my symptoms I had lupus. My test over the years showed negitive however in my late 40's I had a positive ANA. Does this mean that I have lupus? I am now 63 years old and have...
thejudster747 | Last answer
53 year young female with treated Graves for over 5 years -- taking Cytomel for over 5 years - approximately 25 pounds overweight - does Graves predispose you to diabetes
redhead1001 | Last answer
I was diagnosed with SLE a year and a half ago. I have a lot of med. challenges but never seem to be able to relate it directly to the Lupus, therefore i don't ever go to the doctor anymore for it. Lately i have had my first obvious symp...
myaitalia | Last answer
i m35 yrs old beautiful lady.. its about 1and haif month i m suffring from swellon eyelid and face...docter said ths is rosecea...but is my face iil always like ths or it ill be fine one day..now m avoidd all fuctions and partys beoz of...
sharu34 | Last answer
My mum believes i suffer from fibromyalgia. She first thought i had MS or Lupus but the doctors did test an ANA test and they came back fine. My mum has been talking with a friend of hers who is a GP, her friend has suggested fibromyalgi...
freddie8605 | Last answer
Labs: 6/16/10 tsh 6.0 -- started 50mcg synthroid 8/2010 tsh 5.05 - up to 75mcg 11/8/10 tsh 4.8 - up to 88mcg 2/5/11 tsh 5.5? -- I can't get into the MD for 3 months so what can I do? I haven't changed any of my routine.....
camroc | Last answer
Hello, I am a 40 year old Caucasian female. Two years ago my once thick and dark eyebrows fell out completely to the point where I do not have any eyebrows whatsoever even at present. They fell out quickly and never grew back. I have bee...
ConfusedConcerned | Last answer
After my last pregnancy (2006) I developed some kind of autoimmune disorder that affected my joints and has been tentatively diagnosed as Undiff. Spondylitis./AS or possibly seronegative RA. I've been on plaquenil for 4 years with great ...
aander | Last answer
Many years ago I was diagnosed with Graves' disease with hyperthyroidism as a symptom. My doctor treated with radioactive iodine. I have been stable with my thyroid medication until the last few years. In 2005 my TSH was .09 so my doc...
gll262 | Last answer
Hello Dr. If you are diagnosing a genetic disease and you have genetic sequence with the use of contigs but want to find out it's orientation on a specific chromosome, what is the best procedure that can be used to orient the contig. ...
danafloo | Last answer
Would it be harmful to take gout medication while on prednisone for a few days?
lucygirl159 | Last answer
My daughter was dxd with Hashis at 6 yo. She always had trouble falling asleep and seemed to experience hyperthyroid symptoms as well. New endo, tested her said she has antibodies for both Graves and Hashis. At the present Hashis is w...
smarty52 | Last answer
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