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Had recent EMG on left arm and would like to know how can a dr. diagnose with just one EMG? Here are the results Findings: Sensory nerve action potentials and compound muscle action potentials were all normal in the left upper extremi...
momofsixkids | Last answer
I don't really know if this is what is wrong with me. I have a feeling similar to burning on my face back and now arms and have started me on tegretol at 600mg 3x day that seemed to be helping but now isn't....could I be acclimating to t...
lunawolf1313 | Last answer
Hello, I'm a 29 year female who has yet to be diagnosed w/ anything, although I have positive ANA w/ two patterns: speckled+homogenous at 1:160. I have been ill for 4 years, with periods of wellness in between. My grandmother was diagno...
oona | Last answer
Hi Dr. Nicolson, My mom thinks she might have fibromyalgia, but how can we be certain? Is there a test she can take? Thank you in advance!
victoriasf | Last answer
Hello, my Mother was diagnosed when she was in her late 20's with CFS. I was just wondering if this syndrome is one that can be inherited from generation to generation (her-me-my child ect)? And if so, what is the major or top 3 symptoms...
kane3 | Last answer
what does it mean when you have blood when you wipe your vagina, but its not leaking out like when your your on your period? i have recently had unprotected sex and took a home pregnancy test and it came up negative, but im afraid it wa...
abbie31 | Last answer
hiy i have had a underactive thyroid for 10yrs, recently i have been getting lots of symptons i.e tiredness ,weight gain, brainfog, going hot then going cold freezing hands and feet etc i have been to my gp who said my tsh of 2.5 was nor...
leather27 | Last answer
My 14 year old daughter has been experiencing pain for over 1 year now. It started in her ankles and progressed upward to include her knees, hips, tailbone, lower back, spine and now her neck. It hurts her to touch her back and has ma...
lw430 | Last answer
my thyroid uptake said hashimotos and t4 and t3 were high, fatigue, hair falling out, swollen, bulging eyes, bumps on eyelids, dry skin, no period in almost a yr. i thought all this was menopause i am 48 and have night sweats and hot fla...
heather811 | Last answer
what is the best medication for rheumatoid arthritis and the food supplement needed as well..
singlelady | Last answer
Dear Dr Nicolson I am a 49 Yr old female diagnosed with MS,degenerative disc disease,arthrites and chronic pain. I am having much oain running down my right arm along with numbness and alot more muscle spasms in my back and legs.well a ...
Highrider | Last answer
I have just been diagnosised with iron deficency and hear it is involved with restless leg syndrome which I have and fibromyalgia. What is the treatment once identified? Thanks. How significant is this with fibromyalgia? Thanks.
prinnypooh | Last answer
dr Garth, having had cfs for over 3 years, i haven't been sociable at all, let alone dated or been intimate with anyone; i don't share cutlery or drink bottles or food because i'm not sure if it's something i'll infect someone else with....
acker | Last answer
I recently had bloodwork done and was surprised about a couple of the results. I can tell they are not normal, but should I be concerned about the levels reflected? What is the best specialist to follow-up with for further care? I und...
MountainReader | Last answer
I am a 22 year old Caucasian male. Last April, I went on a run and by the time I came home I thought I was having a heart attack. I had been to the ER once before for a similar incident but nothing was found and I was told it was a panic...
ChopperPug | Last answer
Dear Dr. Nicholson, As funds are limited for me due to my protracted illness, I can currently pay for Igenex testing, but not a lyme-literate MD at this point in time. I wondered if you are in a position to suggest which Lyme co-in...
illinwithoutacause | Last answer
Im a 19 year old female and recently after sex with my partner i have to run to the toilet as i feel im going to vomite or use my bowles. I have really bad sever pain. I get really hot and start sweating heaps. Im short of breath and my ...
JemmaMichelle | Last answer
I recently saw an allergist for cold urticaria and after blood work show positive for ANA and RNP but normal on all other levels. They said I could see someone in rheumatology to make sure there was nothing further, but i do not display...
richmond188 | Last answer
Thank you Doctor Nicolson for answering my question, it was really helpfull. Now I still can't walk normally because of the pain, I have to walk very slow, and no doctor's here in my country knows what's wrong with me. I've been check...
candy534 | Last answer
Dr. Nicolson, I was referred by a patient to you. Here is my question: I have a migraine variant which means for me that I have: abnormal EEG (migraine or seizure pattern), this EEG was the type where you stay up all night. I was get...
mkh9 | Last answer
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