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Let's face it; living with thyroid disorders (autoimmune or not) can completely suck! And nobody knows this or truly understands it unless they go through it. This group was created for those who experience the numerous trying symptoms that the thyroid/immune system can throw at us, so we can empathize with one another, and/or share a few tips and tricks to cope.

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I have extreme intolerance to cold 6 blankets 2 pairs of pants 2 hoodies anything i can get to keep me warm i do any ideas to make it better?
mirandajkrause | Posted
I have been in horrible shape the past four months. I was taking my synthroid when i wanted because i told my doctor it was making my heart race. Well come to find out three months ago that I have some goiters on my thyroid and thought t...
amberd24 | Last answer
After a very very long 2 years of being sick, with such a long list of problems it's not even funny I have FINALLY been diagnosed with Hashi's . Thank goodness for my dermatologist who suggested a auto immune issue when my hair started ...
vaughnrichter | Last answer
I have had hashimoto's hypothyroiditis for about 5 years. TSH has been about 1 (in the normal range) for about 4 years since taking synthroid. However, every couple of weeks I get some sort of "attack of symptom" - bad body aches, extrem...
NY1234 | Posted
Hello all, I have had hashis for going on 20 years now..It has never been controlled by meds..So many docs..never help..Here is a rundown of my numbers..TSH 45 , free t3 .70, free t4 3.0, antibodies 2580...crazy..my numbers are always fu...
jamsgirl723 | Last answer
Hi all, I've been diagnosed Hashi for nearly 2 years now and they still can't get my medication levels right! Not that I think it's them doing something wrong but my thyroid is just mental. When I was diagnosed my level was 20 some...
Menchi | Last answer
does anyone know about being thr1 or 2 dominent?
izzybrina | Posted
My name is Laurie. I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto's for about 10 years now. I am 39. In the last few years I felt like I could feel something a little strange in my throat when I swallowed but Endo's didn't seem worried. Now, i...
lauriebo99 | Last answer
Hi all...I am a newbie to this forum. Here it is...complete hysterectomy at 36 y/o. Homone replacement Therapy for 10 years. Osteoporosis diagnosed at about 45-46 y/o (Drs. surprised with my age). Severe psoriais outbreak for past 3+ ...
Devorah_Hannah | Posted
Anyone have negative side effects after starting Synthyroid? I’ve been taking the generic Levothyroxine for about 11 yrs and then I went to see an endo for the first time and he switched me to Synthyroid and now I feel horrible. Has a...
thyroid1982 | Last answer
(also posted in thyroiditis forum: is this proper??) Hello! This is long - didn't know how to make it any shorter. Was given a new script for 112 mcg generic levothyroxine due to numbers below and increased sleepiness and cold feel...
nanafox | Last answer
I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease about 1 year ago. My entire body hurts much of the time and I have no energy at all! I feel puffy and it really shows in my face so I decided to try and lose some weight. Ugh! I went on that 17...
Shebby42 | Last answer
Lori575 | Posted
My big toe on left foot is numb and has been that way for a day now no matter what I do to try to get it to wake up.
lovelyelefant | Last answer
Sorry to jump in w/a question but this is just now bugging me... DXd w/Hashi by the free state mental health svcs (my paid insurance missed it when I had a good job w/insurance, they just did a partial thyroidectomy and called it good)....
zamonium | Posted
I hade a Total Thyroidectomy 2 years, 6 months, 1 week and 10 hrs ago (but whos counting)I didn't have cancer! had a very large goiter 10 by 10 cms in there!. My life has not been the same!!! They damaged my parathyroids (by acident) t...
logansrun | Last answer
I was just diagnosed with Hoshemotos. Im only 17 and my mom has it (who was adopted so we didnt know if I would genetically get it or not) and they just did blood tests and found it. I havent experienced many symptoms yet but was told ...
j17c27 | Last answer
I need some help. I had my thyroid removed in May and have done well on my dose of synthroid but my doctor checked my levels and said it was to high and increased my med. Now I feel like I'm on fire all the time and my heart is pounding ...
mayberrync | Last answer
Hello everyone I recently saw my Dr. and he put me on a new temporary “Low Iodine Diet” for some blood work he wants to run in 6wks. The problem is I was all ready on a diet a “Low Residue Diet”, and the diets clash. I’m trying to integr...
kjhgfd | Posted
my tsh is almost undetectable, but my t's are low too. she is treating my tsh and i am a zombie. a cold zombie. i have refused to let her reduce my meds until we figure out what is wrong.....i think she's almost done with that though....
boedica | Last answer
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