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This is group was designed to give support to grieving parents who's infant has become a Baby Angel. May you find comfort within this group and know that you will never have to walk this journey alone! God Bless All of Our Baby Angels!

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Hi everyone, we lost our little one at 17 weeks. I delivered him in the hospital on Jan 7, 2010. He was just perfect, a beautiful little baby boy. We named him Hunter. I have to say that this has been the single most devestating experien...
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I never new this group exhisted until I saw RDH's post on another forum. I'm sure some of you here know my story as I've posted about it numerous times in the pregnancy forums, but for those who don't I'll post it so you will know. ...
LosingMyMindInGA | Last answer
I have her on facebook and often check up on how things are going...Yesterday I found out Jesse was hospitalized due to an infection...Many prayed for this lil man for him to get better and this morning I went to check how he was doing o...
CYW | Last answer
So i'm 4 months pregnant....I have had 3 now 4 healthy pregnancies since the birth of Bailey. However every time I was pregnant I was always fearful that I would have another baby with the same disorder as Bailey. I have had 3 boys after...
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Caitlin Maureen Dearie Born: 10/24/1995 Angel Day: 12/22/1995
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hi i had a little girl 6 months ago her name was taylor she gorgous my first baby could'nt beleive she was so perfect and mine. she stopped drinking her bottles at about 2months bro bought her to the doctor and told him she was sweating ...
nee16 | Last answer
Cooper will be "turning" 2 in Heaven on June 6th! Happy Birthday my sweet little Angel! Mommy, Daddy and little bro Cruz love you sooooooo much!!!! Thank you for all your wonderful blessings!!!!!!
rdh1981 | Posted
One week ago i delivered my little angel Kaston, who left this world at 11 weeks, 2 days gestation, but will live in my heart forever. While at the hospital (after delivering him at home) to get an emergeny D&C my husband found a little ...
krichar | Last answer
I am adding an new baby angel to our list. I now have two baby angels. Baby Cooper who was born at 18 weeks weighing 6 ounces on October 7 2008. I am also adding Baby Bryan Just born December 8, 2009. Born at 18 weeks and 5 days. Weig...
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Tomorrow is Bailey's 7th birthday. How I survived this long without her..Im not sure. I do know that my other three children(all boys) have helped a lot. I always used to believe that time heals all pain, and I have come to find out that...
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Hi to all the mommies with angel babies. I lost my first baby at 25 weeks due no amniotic fluid on feb 272009. It still fresh to me i just take it day by day now on halloween it was going to be her first holiday and i think about what he...
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My name is Tami, I have been on hiatus for a while, but im back. I am 25 yrs old and a single mother to 3 beautiful baby boys. I would like to not only introduce myself, but my Angel baby...Bailey Rae. Bailey was born November 17th 20...
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October is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Month October 15th is Pregnancy & Infant Loss Remembrance Day Remember our babies by lighting a candle at 7PM and leave it burning for one hour If everyone lights a candle at 7PM there...
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I don't have an angel, but do deal with this heartbreaking tragedy often at work (Labor and Delivery). I have a question for you all...What did the nurse do or not do, that made your ordeal better....or worse? I'd really like to know...
peekawho | Last answer
Does Halloween bother anyone as much as it bothers me. I can't stand seeing all those tomb stones that say "RIP". It really never bothered me until my sweet little man became an Angel. It just seems like it is lack of respect for those w...
rdh1981 | Last answer
my sweet Ian left this world. I miss him so intensely that sometimes I can't breathe. I think about his sweet little face and how content he looked when I was nursing him and hold him and my heart aches. Will the pain ever end? Will I be...
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Thank you!
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Hi all, I'm a new mum, loving other parts to this website too! I have 3 children, 11yr boy 9 yr girl & 2 yr boy. My third pregs still rocks me 5 years later, I still find it hard. I got half way thru the pregs, I chicken pox off my 2 chi...
Ark16 | Posted
rachelle this really helps especially for moms who havent moved on yet..thanks a lot girl.may our angels met in heaven..
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