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Well a little background on myself, I’m a 23 year old male with no prior health problems or injuries. About 5 days ago I was sick from the flu. During an episode of puking I felt an intense sharp throbbing pain at the back of my head/n...
Dymes | Last answer
can someone help me understand these mri results and tell me possible treatment for this? At L4-L5 there is mild disk desiccation and flattening. There is mild posterior annular tearing and dic protrusion present causing mild central ...
babygurl14311278 | Last answer
Hi. I recently had an MRI done as suggested by my GP. I was told the results were significant degenerative narrowing between C5, 6 & 7. There was no mention of any bone spurring. (?) I was referred to a Spinal Institute (going next wee...
caballus | Last answer
Hi, A family member (complaining of middle back pain) has received the following MRI results: "an area of T2 hyperintensity is seen related to the left hemi aspect of the T4 vertebral body which has corresponding T1 signal intens...
jip33 | Last answer
About 2 weeks ago, during the course of the day, I developed pain in my neck. My wife rubbed it and it didn't really get any better. It got so bad that my left arm, the tricep area, went numb. It eventually moved between the middle finge...
knicknac | Last answer
In May 2008, my truckdriver husband suffered an obstruction intestinally. The VA hospital in South Dakota operated 3 times in 20 days and finally removed scar tissue from an earlier obstruction in 1978 for a total now of 13" of his smal...
Cookiestreich | Last answer
Does the Cleveland Clinic have the ability to do a MRA - magnetic resonance angiogram ? I just wondered, if they ever do this or if doctors ever do a full body scan, if there is multiple problems, effecting the spine/back and brain? I ...
xmelax35 | Last answer
i have a hemangioma in my L3 verlebral .. of my lower back . and its been causing me a whole lot of serve pain they found it after i had a car wreck in 2003 . i;m a 54 y/o female the pain some time goes down my legs ...
speedy315 | Last answer
Four days ago I had a lumbar microdiskectomy on L4-5. I had been suffering from severe sciatic pain since March and my surgeon decided that I needed the surgery. Of course everyone I came in contact with after the decision was made to ha...
snickerspie | Last answer
I have constant and severe posterior neck pain. Also pain in both shoulders, some down both arms. I also have neck swelling on both sides of my neck at the bottom where shoulder meets the neck above the clavicles. I have been to many doc...
justpryn | Last answer
I just found out that I have Spina Bifida Occulta, I'm assuming as the doctor who called about my x rays said I had grade one and one of my lower vertebra didn't completely close. Also my right hip joint is smaller than the left one. It ...
mimi1313 | Last answer
I had back surgery one week ago today. removed spur from L4 and fusion of L4 to L5 Tiny tear in dural sac when the last piece of spur was removed. It was repaired and told it would be fine. I was told to take it easy but now the ...
gggiwmm | Last answer
I have been advised be my doctor that I have a bulging cervical disk at the c5/c6 level. In the MRI films he can see that it is pressing on my spinal cord. He basically said that it is not large enough that I have to have the surgery, ...
JKuli10 | Last answer
Well, here again, I woke up this AM with my neck in severe pain. My back of neck is swollen a bit (again) and my left upper back and arm hurts all the way down to my fingers (back side of arm) and I should not be driving although I had t...
spankyandrex | Last answer
Forgive me if this is the wrong forum. I fell last fall, landing on my hands and knees. Pain shot up my thigh into my pelvis and through my hip. The doctor did not xray my hip or pelvis since I was not limping, although I did have pronou...
mlaurel | Last answer
My symptoms were starting to increase to the point where I had constant neck problems. I've had a stiff neck for years but only on the left side. I had very frequent chest pains around where my heart is and oddly enough I would have ti...
BrainDrain | Last answer
Doc, I no longer want to live my life of large quantities of opiates. Is Suboxone an alternative to chronic back pain treatment?
Pearl_Drummer | Last answer
I have an elderly relative who is using numerous drugs to combat back and leg pain. Many of us believe she is overusing and needs to end her drug dependencies, but she is very weak from enduring many years of this problem. Could an e...
evalente | Last answer
I am a 40 year-old male with lumbar spine pain. My only MRI, which was in August of 2006, revealed the following: congential spinal stenosis, narrowing of the lumbar pedicles, significant degenerative disc disease at all of the lumar po...
jscottb | Last answer
Yesterday I seen my neurosurgeon about the pain I am still having in the back of my head and the upper part of my back. I had a chiari decompression last sept 2007 . Then in nov.2007 I had to have a second surgery to replace the duragen...
flana016 | Last answer
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