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This patient support community is for discussions relating to back and neck problems, exercise, pain, sleeping, and physical therapy.

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SookiedeeApr 21
erica1991Feb 12
sherilgirlNov 29, 2015
TuckamoreAug 23, 2015
By erica1991 Blank
Hello, A few months ago I noticed in the mirror that the back of my neck looked awfully odd. At the base of my nec...
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TraybazaApr 21
Margot49Jan 10, 2015
alissa914Jan 06, 2015
marsha10Sep 23, 2013
jeffc299Jun 11, 2013
By Jack54 Blank
Hello and thanks for reading my post, which may sound strange. I have had a pilonidal cyst for around 35 years. I had...
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KalvinApr 20
Mala1978Apr 20
KalvinApr 17
Mala1978Apr 16
KalvinApr 16
By Mala1978
I am having bad pain in my left shoulder blade, muscle spams, very tight, burning, burning to my neck, can't breath d...
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Eye1024Mar 31
loza71Nov 18, 2015
By mishars Blank
I had spinal fusion on my L5 5 weeks ago, and i am now hurting now more then i ever did before surgery. My Doc said h...
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Kebbs5684Apr 20
By Kebbs5684
Hey all I'm very scared I'll try to make it short . This problem started up after a bout with acid reflux I started s...
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gapreaApr 19
Ms_Dee_DeeAug 03, 2014
Amanda_lyn_smithJul 30, 2014
Zak_HanMay 22, 2008
By rain40 Blank
My 4-year old son got a loud clicking sound in his neck Sunday night. We called the doctor, and after hearing the noi...
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cmac66Apr 10
By Tinkyred
Has anyone had a discogram done and if so what was like? debating whether to proceed?
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selmaSApr 15
By Weeserr
Sharp pain on right side of back like something stabbing me from the inside a lot of pain more than usual
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By Bella_98
Hi, I am a 66 year old female with chronic back pain, I have being living with pain since my mid thirties. I have b...
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By richdav
Hey there again, I dont know if its the right place to ask this question here but anyway. Well i have been having cl...
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Kk1465Apr 11
BlessedLife77Jul 01, 2015
bullhead1234Sep 19, 2014
BugandCritterLadyAug 26, 2014
KalvinJul 26, 2013
By walkmoo Blank
Is it normal to have this burning at the graft site and pain into the right shoulder area 8 weeks after the surgery. ...
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Super_DadApr 09
suresh2479Sep 07, 2015
spr0cketsJun 29, 2015
Charliegal220May 01, 2015
Charliegal220May 01, 2015
By sarah2032 Blank
I have an almost 2 1/2 year old son who began complaining of back pain in mid-October. We had just had another baby,...
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Ricci9Apr 06
TuckamoreDec 03, 2015
dollydagger76Dec 02, 2015
MargneOct 21, 2015
By rodizzle Blank
I had a fusion of my L5 S1 in January of this year. About a month or two after I started experiencing severe pain in ...
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By Nlw1974
Hi everyone. I just had RFA to the right lumbar area Monday. Been in extreme pain since then. My leg doesn't seem to ...
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By DC321
I was just in the ER with pain on my whole left side of my upper body. I can hardly turn my neck to my left or right ...
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By silagy
can anyone here read a mri of a back
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drewrooApr 04
By FLsenior
Recently when I move my head/neck, I get a tingllng feeling in the left side of my neck. This doesn't last, stops wh...
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Mnk2Apr 03
shaaz0000Dec 19, 2015
KjosephOct 03, 2013
ee849Apr 03, 2012
S. Kaul, MD Apr 03, 2012
By ee849 Blank
Hi all Ive a couple of health issues that i know about, however i don't believe they are to blame to whats happening...
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By doeebay
Hi, I'm not sure if this is where to put this as I'm am not sure what is wrong with me so I'll just going to start ...
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By ambgreen0989
For about 3 months I have been experiencing extreme neck pain. About a month earlier I suffered head trauma (not sure...
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