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I had a spinal fusion from T5 to L3 for scoliosis with 1 harrington rod in 1986. I have had increasing problems with lower back and hip pain. My Orthopaedic surgeon has ordered and MRI of my lumbar spine and hips which he wrote a precrip...
sanghi | Last answer
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Med Help | Posted
Hi I am wondering if I have a bigger issue than I think.. I have been having back pain since the middle of July. I have assumed it is from picking up my 17 month older daughter all the time. Now though I have had a weird burning sensatio...
Hollie6288 | Last answer
Hi, I recently had an MRI due to the fact that I have been experiencing a lot of nerve pain in my legs, back etc. as well as migraines and hearing loss in both ears and back and neck pain that is so bad MOST DAYS that I dont know what to...
tcampo | Last answer
Hello, back in March/08 i had something very weird happen to me. i felt tingling on the left side of my body mostly on my shoulder, arm and face. I had pain on one side of my head it was more like pressure from my head going to my left ...
MT23 | Last answer
respected sir, my brother who is 40, had become the victim of a bomb blast on 29th January 2007.a A small foreign body (like the head of a match stick) entered his neck and hit him at c4. that foreign body entered the bone making a small...
ulfatali | Posted
I am an 18 y/o female, about a 1.5 years ago I was involved in a car accident(I was rearended by two cars at a complete stop). And after 1.5 years with no diagnosis I recently found out I have a cerivcal herniation at C5/6, thoracic her...
sunshine2008 | Last answer
i am 38 year old 6ft 190lbs. motorcycle accident 2 years ago. had surgery on herniated disk L5-S1 i still have alot of pain so i had a discogram these are the results. some doctors sujest fusing atleast 3 levels. are these that results...
john70 | Last answer
Cervical MRI: Significant central canal stenosis at C3-4, 4-5, 5-6 due to a combination of soft disc bulge and disc osteophyte complex. There is complete effacement of the ventral CSF with deformity of the cord consistent with moderate ...
geg2 | Last answer
I have a right c6/7 posterolateral/lateral disc herniation,narrowing the exit foreman and lateral recess, compromising the exiting nerve root and probably also the transmitting root. My surgeon says that the posterior approach to surgery...
angel186 | Last answer
my father had back surgery a while back now at the lower part of his back above his crack is a little whole and it is leaking fluids from his spine. he hasent went back to the doctor yet. he can barley walk he walks humped over like a ...
sandra22 | Last answer
I had a discogram on the 18th of sept , showing that my Lumbers disc L3-4-5- S1 are bad and thats whats causing all my pain. I don't know if I want to get the surgery and be worse than I am right now, the pain is bad 24 /7/365 but at ...
byr95 | Last answer
Hi I found this forum and am very interested in all of your comments. I was in a severe accident May 07, I had a c5-c6 diskectmy with fusion in march 08. I have complained of back pain upper and lower for over a yr. Finally dr did a MRI ...
Angela295 | Last answer
Hi I am new to this forum I wonder if the Dr. can help with some questions on a forminotomy. I have a problem with the T6 in my neck. I was born with a narrow spinal canal. The T6 disc is protuding also I have some trapped nerves. My nue...
honey_1991 | Last answer
I had an MRI, details follow. I have not met with a neurologist yet but my Primary has indicated back surgery will most likely be necessary. I am wondering - given the results, if it is possible to live with the symptoms: numb fingers an...
Mike700 | Last answer
Hi, I have been having problems since my fusion and decompression surgery. About 5 or 6 months after I had surgery at L4-S1, for grade 5 spondylolisthesis, I developed incontinence. I had a urodynamic study that showed I had stress incon...
xoshannon07793 | Posted
A friend of mine has been having bad headached, including electrical shocks that about knock her down; I've seen her in a darkened room, lying on her bed, holding an ice pack to her head, and crying. She is a strong woman and continues ...
Fluffysmom | Last answer
I previously talked to you about the post op seroma and the myelogram. I thank you for that answer, but have another one that is weighing heavy on my decision to have the myelogram. Since August 26, 2008 I have been taking the diabet...
Lev19 | Last answer
Hereditary scoliosis by ongoose0 I (a male) had post Harrington rod surgery for a severe idiopathic scoliosis, a curvature of 120 degrees about 25 years ago (I am 64) rods are still in place, I never had any problems from them. Cu...
ongoose0 | Last answer
Hello, I was injured in a football game a week ago and I am meeting a neurosurgeon and orthopedic surgeon this week. I am wondering if anyone would know or have any knowledge on the chances of surgery. The report says the largest of th...
krazy8s | Last answer
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