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Hello I am asking a question about back and neck pain I have been having pain in my right hip, leg and in mid back, these have been going on for awhile, hip pain started at work I sit a lot and it does bother me more when I sit.across my...
thechef1957 | Last answer
During regular osteopathic treatment 18 months ago, I felt a pop to the right of my spine, near my right shoulder blade. I've had pain in that area and my neck ever since. I’ll keep this short and explain a bit more below if you need ...
nymphfae | Last answer
Is the anyone out there with the expertise to decipher my MRI test. My doctor is a neurosurgeon and has advised me that I will need cervical fusion surgery. He said I shouldn’t wait and presently it’s scheduled for 3/31/11. I have no ...
scgrits | Last answer
I have been suffering for 8 years now with fatigue and back pain, symptoms that started at the same exact time and I feel are related. No health issues at all before. My back pain is not injury related. I feel it dead center in the...
Czunderligh | Last answer
I have had severe shoulder and neck pain for the past few months. No other symptoms. I had an MRI and these are the results: C4-5: Uncovertebral joint hypertrophy with left posterior disc osteophyte complex results in moderate to s...
laroth | Last answer
Hi, new here seeking some guidance on the following: Had a cervical discectomy in Nov. 2010, developed a large puffy area around the incision in Jan. 2010. Went back to my surgeon, only to be told by the nurses it was nothing to worry ...
carolsgirl | Last answer
I would like some help understanding the results of my MRI of my cervical spine because I don't go to see my neurologist for another two weeks. My regular doctor made it seem like there was no issue, but from what I have researcher there...
Lisaanng | Last answer
A neurosurgeon has recommended artificial disc replacement surgery for my cervical spine for C5-C6 level with the prodisc. I had an MRI of the cervical spine that diagnosed this problem. I don't usually have pain because I have had this ...
Marisette | Last answer
I had a bad auto accident in Nov and after x-rays and CTon my neck A MRI was recomended. My family doc put me off work and told me not to put myself in any position to slip and fall ao hit in the head. The MRI results show the following....
acuffm | Last answer
I am 39 years old and in August 2010 had a synovial cyst removed L5/S1, laminectomy. I was pain free for only one month. Since Oct. I have had pain in my left thigh but recently it has gone into my left hip and groin as well. The pain is...
reginamarie10271 | Last answer
I have a recurrent history over the past several years of a "burner's syndrome" with axial load compression or hitting head into a extension position with sporting activities. By burners syndrome I mean I get a burning sensation in bila...
eric44b | Last answer
I had neck pain 3 years ago and found out that I had a herniated disc at C 5/6, minor cord compression, and foraminal stenosis. I conservative methods. After 3 ESIs I had pain relief for 2 years. Recently I started having severe nec...
cas1 | Last answer
30 year old male c5/c6 herniation. Ongoing 5 years first started as muscle spasms in neck shoulder and chest spasms would get so bad neck would lock up and I couldn't move it for days without pain. Currently back of my neck and upper ba...
justin3680 | Last answer
.Ortho ordered a MRI on my neck,i just received report from my GP,i dont get to see my orthopedic for a few weeks,Please tell me what i can expect to hear from my ortho,this is the report**I have constant pain right side neck,shoulder,l...
jmac888 | Last answer
I have been in pain management for about 2 years now, mostly for my neck (I have several herniations in back also and advanced arthritis, but my neck has been the bigger issue).When I first went into treatment, I had very limited ROM, se...
ferret5 | Last answer
Hi, I have been having chronic neck pain for a number of years now. It varies from a dull achy feeling with what feels like inflammation to more of a burning pain at times. It seems to be around C5 slightly off to my left of midline a...
blackdog38 | Last answer
Summary of MRI Findings: Exam reveals signal loss of the cervical discs on T2 sequences. At the C2-3, the disc is slightly diminished in height, with no focal herniation, central or foraminal narrowing. The C3-4 level reveals a small ...
tooyoung1973 | Last answer
Hi. I am 31, and about 6 years ago, I injured my back and had some bluging disks and annular tears - got steroid injections, but no perm. relief. I am experiencing pulsating pain in my lower back and in my neck. The pain is bad enough t...
karclaymom | Last answer
38 female: Mild scoliosis, Vit D deficiency. Multi-level DDD with compression fractures along thoracic, 4 herniated discs in thoracic, & 2 in lumbar. Conservative treatment for 8 months: inversion table, physical therapy, chiropractic, m...
Wr1te1 | Last answer
An MRI of my neck showed "C3-C4-a sizeable disc extrusion situated in the canal on the right extending to involve the neuroforamen.There is almost complete obliteration of the right neuroforamen.The left is normal and there isjust mild c...
bp007 | Last answer
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