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This patient support community is for discussions relating to bariatric surgery for weight loss (including gastric bypass surgery, lap band surgery, etc) complications, finding a surgeon, whether it is right for you, nutrition, recovery, risk, and pre- and post-op issues.

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2ndtimebander911Dec 28, 2012
giggles232000Dec 26, 2012
By 2ndtimebander911 Blank
I had a lap band done in October of 2007. 18 months later, it slipped and had to be removed. True to what doctors ...
1907180 tn?1329454377
cutter1974Dec 16, 2012
teajay43Dec 15, 2012
cutter1974Dec 12, 2012
teajay43Dec 11, 2012
cutter1974Dec 08, 2012
By cutter1974 Blank
11 years ago I had an open gastric bypass Roux-en-y. I had 150cm of intestine bypassed. I am currently 20 weeks pre...
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heatherambrosiaDec 15, 2012
By Chanakosusa Blank
A year ago I had the bypass surgery. I have lost 86lbs thus far and I am very happy with my results. However, I need ...
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By Chanakosusa Blank
Is it safe to have a hydrocolonic if you have gastric bypass surgery?
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ChanakosusaDec 03, 2012
By jlangel Blank
I had a lap band 5 years ago and i seem to be having trouble getting pregnant i have lost over 220 pounds they said i...
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blondylynMay 06, 2012
JulietrosssApr 04, 2012
sobermommyMay 05, 2010
chris9848Apr 29, 2010
By maria420 Blank
I have decided to have Lap band surgery soon. i have read and heard a lot of things about the benefits of Lap band su...
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giggles232000Oct 16, 2012
By worriedmomma71011 Blank
I feel like I don't move like I used to, I get worn out easily. My family says I don't look "fat" or unhealthy. I'm 6...
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Trish6678Nov 01, 2012
margoeeJun 30, 2012
garrettandelsasmomJan 09, 2012
jjclisaJan 09, 2012
chambers4Oct 02, 2009
By stef460 Blank
I have had the lap band for a year and a half. I have lost over 200 lbs. I am thrilled with the results. Now I have a...
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Graciegirl93Oct 18, 2012
By sheckellmommy Blank
I am 19 and 5 ft 4. I weigh 162 but im a lil big boned and carry my weight in all the right places and I honestly don...
Avatar m tn
By Becky1G Blank
My husband had his lapband removed yesterday. Unfortunately, he was one of the 2% who developed complications, it e...
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covey75Sep 23, 2012
By jaemomma Blank
March 8th 2012 i had my gastric procedure! I was 333 lbs. I have as of today lost 143 lbs. Now i am aware that i am o...
1958640 tn?1343226099
jaemommaSep 14, 2012
By nikemata Blank
Can someone share program on weight loss?
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jaemommaSep 14, 2012
By joedumic Blank
Having my surgery done Monday alittle nervous . Was anybody nervous when they had their surgery done?
3151332 tn?1343287868
skedwardsSep 01, 2012
skedwardsSep 01, 2012
babybonitaAug 31, 2012
WonderfulLifeAug 23, 2012
By MamaTillson Blank
Hello everyone! I am just starting the process towards having bariatric surgery. The timing is turning out to be go...
Avatar f tn
By babybonita Blank
Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I'm wondering if anyone has gained a lot of weight duri...
1346046 tn?1297159680
sheilaaaAug 28, 2012
flbelle29May 09, 2012
therese101Nov 24, 2010
By maggs809 Blank
Hi, I am scheduled to have gastric bypass surgery. I cannot afford lap band. But I just researched different surger...
3209435 tn?1345646840
By WonderfulLife Blank
For insurance purposes, I have my psychiatric evaluation, nutrition class, WLS seminar, blood labs and first visit to...
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Crazy_in_the_headAug 17, 2012
By Tammi5252 Blank
Hello. My husband is being worked up for bariatric surgery. He is also an epileptic. Anyone out there who has had ...
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By fatpat063 Blank
I am a diabetic and my chest is hurting and my left side is tingling can any body tell me what might be happening
3148196 tn?1343648348
By Kathy5701 Blank
I am scheduled to meet surgeon next week for evaluation on bariatric surgery. I have a couple of small venous stasis ...
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