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I had the Lap Band surgery in 2003. Lost the total of 90 lbs. Then in 2007 I became pregnant and regained all of my weight back during my pregnancy. After having my son I was diagnosed with pcos. Since having my son I have lost a total o...
angiela | Last answer
10 year post distal gastric bypass (open) patient. Developed fissure and finally an anal fistula. Treatment? Additionally!!!! Vit D deficiency ............taking 50,000 mg 2x's a week.............still no help. What is treatment for ...
Marsha56 | Last answer
Hello, I had RNY Gastric Bypass about 1 year ago. At my one year check up I was told my Iron level was low. My surgery was done in the US but as a Canadian any tests must be done there. The US office suggested a hematology consult ...
eh1970 | Last answer
I had a mini-gastric bypass a year ago and my ALK Phos is still elevated. It is 210. It was 205 4 months ago! Of course, when you get on the internet....it kinda "freaks you out" that is may be really serious. I also have been treate...
Gao2005 | Last answer
Hi, I am in the process of getting gastric bypass surgery done. I am really scared especially when I hear those horror stories about almost dying on the table. But then, I hear alot of success stories. How do you know if this is right...
maggs809 | Last answer
last 3 yrs , i have had 3 pancreatitic attacks. gallbladder normal, pancreas-normal, enlarged common hepatic-11cm bilirubin=normal ,akaline phos alittlle elevated-60 but i take dilantin for 40 yrs and i have seen this level go up and do...
leeann2 | Last answer
I was wondering does anyone ever have the lap band surgery with intentions of getting it removed after they reach their goal weight?
chris9848 | Last answer
Had roux en y 4 years ago..since that time my white blood cell count has been pretty low...hematologist checked me out a year or so and said everything else seemed ok and thought there might be relationship between the surgery and the...
LivingnPresent | Last answer
Hi There, I had duodenal switch surgery in 2001. In the last 3 years I developed iron deficiency anemia and a host of other vitamin deficiencies. I am currently getting IV iron infusions. At this point though I was wondering if other ...
jfarley646 | Last answer
I originally wanted to get the sleeve gastrectomy but was told my insurance wouldn't cover because it is still considered "experimental" so the next options were the Gastric Bypass or the Lap Band. I want the one that will give me the b...
candygirl22 | Last answer
I had the gastric by-pass in 2006 and i honestly havent had any problems. I am young so maybe that helps but I am feelin good... Yes i have gained weight but thats because I got pregnant only a year later have surgery.. Opps.. So i am ha...
Juls2010 | Last answer
Does anyone have any recommendations on a multivitamin? I have been taking a liquid multivitamin called Live The Source, does anyone else take this?
mars0909 | Last answer
can you help me? i just celebrated my 31st birthday, i am 5'2.and weigh in at over 450. I've been incredibly active up until 5 years ago, when i slowed down to just being around the house. All of my life i have had a weight problem,and e...
kellymw | Last answer
Is it possible that my high protein diet before and after my Roux-en-y surgery on 1-22-10 has cause me to have three times the normal amount of Oxalates in my urine. I was normal last year and I have not had a kidney stone in 5 years so...
docnancy | Last answer
my husband needs this surgery to live he is 480 and we have no insurence bad credit and he needs it before i loose him he is 44. Is there any doctor that does pro bono surgeries. We bhave even tried to get social security disability, we ...
sassy1965612 | Last answer
I had Roux-en-Y surgery in 2003. Starting weight was 309, weight now is 139. I am very proud to have lost and kept the weight off BUT....... This 170 lb. weight loss has resulted in a LOT of excess skin. This excess skin causes a lot of...
StarWish624 | Last answer
I am considering having bariatric surgery in Mexico. My husband is having it in the US, I don't qualify for it here under our insurance so am researching self-pay medical tourism. I was leaning toward lap-band, but there are so many po...
KARENCI | Last answer
Hello, I had a gastric bypass on 2005, everything went great until 2008 when another doctor removed my gall bladder during an intestinal blockage repair surgery (for which I don't know the reason as of yet). However, I have developed...
Jwheel | Last answer
I had my surgrey 3 yrs ago . i lost 200lbs and have gain 130 lbs back and still gaining. i`ve tried to get a handle on the situtaion. I`ve had several complications with my intestines. to many surgries and have become depended upon pain...
gottamakeachange | Last answer
I need the whole shabang. I am a 32 yr old feemale mom of 5, 250lbs with severe permanate back issues and asthma and want gastric bypass i need sergon recomendations, info on the best insurance to use to get ease of approval and any oth...
aumimariea | Last answer
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