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Bipolar Disorder is also known as "Manic Depressive Disorder". This forum is for questions and support for people with, or for loved ones of people with Bipolar Disorder. The forum covers topics ranging from Aggressive Behavior, Affect on friends and Family, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Appetite Changes, Chronic Pain, Denial, Depression, Difficulty Concentrating, Euphoria, Guilt, Manic Depression, Medications, Mood Swings, Poor Judgment, and Sleep Disorders

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achilleaApr 01
By Unitygirl82
I am just wondering if anyone else either sleeps for an extremely long time, sometimes even days! Then I go threw day...
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Gregory_HMar 31
ILADVOCATENov 19, 2011
debbuddNov 19, 2011
ingamJul 26, 2010
jimgregJul 21, 2010
By cornyguy Blank
I would want to know from the members of this forum about how many people are using Seroquel only as a sleeping aid i...
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Gregory_HMar 31
tonyarowe26104Aug 15, 2015
marilynasOct 16, 2014
Brian224478Oct 10, 2014
Brian224478Oct 10, 2014
By LyndseyK Blank
HELP?! I'm hurting. I have had major depressive disorder as well as, generalized anxiety and attention deficit dis...
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By r123123
Here's some background; I'm currently 17 and live with my parent's. I've been emotionally/physically/educationally/me...
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TabshaMar 22
By Sadpuppy777
All of nub friends have abandoned me, my family acts as If they are very annoyed by the fact that I have a problem, l...
17256033 tn?1455482796
jimgregMar 20
crazy_eveMar 03
BubulousBlankFeb 09
By hbailey72
Hello, I just started taking 300 mg of Lithium yesterday. I was nice an calm for the day. Is it too soon to have a...
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heidij69Mar 19
rogelio63Apr 28, 2013
Crystal413Mar 20, 2013
By JBA68 Blank
Has anyone had ringing in their ears due to Lamictal? i have been on Lamictal for almost 2 years. Over the last 6 mon...
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Crystal413Jun 23, 2013
Crystal413Jun 23, 2013
persephonedemeterJun 23, 2013
Anonymouse88Jun 23, 2013
By Crystal413 Blank
I slept 2 hrs last night. Even took a 0.5and a .25 Klonipin.Eyes and body are tired but mind isn't. Per my dr I took ...
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DA3411Mar 17
keepmyhairDec 24, 2011
meek99Nov 04, 2011
meek99Nov 04, 2011
jude0128Oct 19, 2010
By tashi72 Blank
This is kind of off topic but I really need help with this. I'm going through a really horrible time right now--it's ...
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By positive12
For 4 years my son has been taking medication for Psychosis after an attempt to take his life. He has improve much, b...
933174 tn?1375796153
paranoid_cataclysmSep 05, 2009
Xila31Sep 05, 2009
ILADVOCATESep 05, 2009
By tweekie Blank
Am I just being egocentric, or does this happen to some of you. Where you think you have outgrown clicks and groups ...
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BubulousBlankMar 10
By qbdoll
i was not feeling well went to bed friday around 9pm and woke up monday afternoon what happen to me i did'nt get up ...
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BubulousBlankMar 10
YvonneUKMar 10
Ak40kevinDec 11, 2015
CHRIS5964Feb 15, 2015
manrootFeb 07, 2015
By Sandra137 Blank
I have been hearing whispering sonce a week especially at night time when i am going to sleep or halfway sleep. Somet...
952564 tn?1268372247
Mands23Mar 05
BeckyLynnyBearOct 23, 2013
Xila31Mar 11, 2010
bipolarbezouMar 11, 2010
Jade59Mar 10, 2010
By Xila31 Blank
Hi everyone, just a few quick things. I just want to see if anyone else has experienced any of these things. I'm seei...
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By Robe31245
I accidentally let my geodon run out but with two years of worse case scenario and possible lifetime side effects I r...
601528 tn?1224085098
Carleen17Feb 29
MelissaAnnStewyMar 21, 2010
FallenFaerySep 20, 2008
Avonlea18Sep 19, 2008
Avonlea18Sep 19, 2008
By FallenFaery Blank
I have a question...I read that SSRI'S can be bad at times for Bipolar people. I am on prozac and have been for about...
918275 tn?1254072352
NicktuneFeb 28
Mammacita9904Jul 02, 2015
ruthie37110Aug 19, 2013
lynnc51Nov 23, 2012
CsandnuggetMar 17, 2011
By blakismom Blank
I am on 20mg of Abilify, but I really don't think that is the problem. I am sleeping four and five days at a time, th...
1325193 tn?1450131036
By chaddavis333
Hi all. I have posted to other forums, but never this one. I hate to ask this, because it is asked a lot. How did you...
1683690 tn?1308356992
psyvamp71Sep 26, 2015
arabella_nightAug 17, 2015
BubulousBlankJul 20, 2015
arabella_nightJul 20, 2015
By Beeboo Blank
Ok. So I was given a dx of Bipolar 2 a year ago. Insite and meds have helped with my moods (although I am cycling eve...
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Jade59Mar 08, 2010
ILADVOCATEMar 08, 2010
By KCNC06 Blank
My husband and I both have ADHD, I have had excellent results from taking Adderall...I'm concerned about whether or n...
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